Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Health-Wise Wednesdays

It's been a super busy day, and I still have stuff to do, but I just wanted to come over quickly and report that this morning I weighed in at 136.4 lbs, which is a 0.8 lb loss for the week. I'm happy, because I'd stalled for awhile. I thought for sure I would gain weight after 2 birthday parties this weekend (and you best believe I had cake!) but I kept eating well the rest of the time and it paid off. Praise the Lord for my healthier self!

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Kristi Lea said...

How wonderful! It just goes to show that to be healthy, you don't have to completely abstain from sweets. You just have to have them in moderation and not make it a daily habit! Congradulations! It's so nice to see that number on the scale go down, isn't it?!