Sunday, August 8, 2010

Today's the Big Day!

We're getting ready for church this morning, then we'll be leaving for our vacation. We are so thrilled and thankful to our Lord and Savior for providing this trip for us! He is so good, all of the time.

My daughter will be singing today in church, another unexpected but appreciated blessing. The band BarlowGirl is performing at our church in September, so she and JB will be singing a BarlowGirl song. She's nervous but also excited. I'm just praising our Lord that she has this opportunity.

If I don't get on the computer much, know that I'm thinking of all of you and will get back as soon as I can! God bless you all, have a wonderful week resting in Him.

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Kristi Lea said...

I can't imagine having to go to church before leaving. You must be so much more organized than I was. For me, it was a mad house right up to the point that I climbed behind the steering wheel!

I'm glad your daughter got a chance to sing though, and that must be such a blessing for you! I pray that you all will have a fun and safe trip!