Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacation 2010 - SeaWorld Part 3

Don't tell me you're tired of SeaWorld pictures already! 'Cause I'm not tired of showing them! If you haven't figured it out yet, this is where I took the most pictures. There's just so much to see and enjoy, I didn't want to forget any of it.
Here's my favorite picture of all: I call it, "A failure to communicate."

All right, enough silliness. Let's move on to the dolphins! The show was on the corny side according to my daughter, but I loved watching the dolphins perform. That's all that really matters.

There was an exhibit that included deadly frogs. This is one of them. Can you find the little critter?

The seals were absolutely precious (and precocious!). They knew the people had food for them, and they'd do anything to get fed.

This one saw no shame in begging, and beg he did, LOUDLY!!

We all took pictures with the polar bear near Wild Arctic:

Looks kind of cold, doesn't it? It was pretty chilly in here (which was nice since it was sooo HOT outside). Guess who we were going to see?

That's right, the polar bear! My daughter was so happy. Polar bears are her favorite.

To end it all, here's a family picture taken by a British gentleman who was kind enough to offer. All the parks were filled with British folks. Turns out the kiddies are on holiday (their word for vacation) and go back to school in September, so Orlando gets filled with tourists from the UK. It was kind of funny listening to the mix of Southern drawl and British accent!
Well, that's it for our tour of SeaWorld. Don't go too far, though: we visited several other parks too, and I'll be sharing those soon!

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Laryssa said...

OH.MY.GOD!!! Is J actually smiling?!?!?!?! He must really have been happy to be on vacation!!! LOL This picture needs to be framed just so you have proof that, yes, J does know how to smile!