Monday, September 13, 2010

Move It Mondays

Good Monday morning ya'll! It's bright and sunny this morning, after ALOT of rain yesterday. There was flooding in the streets and everything. I know because I had to drive my daughter to her roommates house and say goodbye as they left to go back to school. It was great having the girls here the past two weekends, and sad to say goodbye till possibly Thanksgiving. We had an amazing weekend of worship with BarlowGirl, the night was electrifying and I know we won't forget it anytime soon. Still, I need a bit of cheering up now that my little girl is back in Central Florida for school. So, I decided this week I'd start my fall decorating. I'm going to start in the dining room, so after I:

Fix beds
Fold laundry
Clean up kitchen
Swiffer floors

I hope to:

Give dining room a good cleaning
Change table setting in dining room to fall decorations

Since autumn is my favorite season, bringing in fall decor should lift my spirits some. My joy is in knowing Jesus is with me during these times and He comforts me when I'm down. As BarlowGirl sang, I'm never alone.

Move it Mondays is hosted by Kristilea at In The Lord's Path. Have a fun Monday and a blessed week.

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Kristi Lea said...

Oh, I do hope it lifts your spirits! I'm sure it will. I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the concert and got A back to school safely! I hope to pull some decorations out as I move rooms around. I need the cheering up as well!