Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Wanna know something funny?  One of the reasons I love this blog hop is because of the picture.  I love the swing on the porch, and how nice it looks against the colors of my own blog ;).  Why not pull up a chair, pour yourself a tall glass of Southern sweet tea, and join Patrice, Wendell and the whole gang for some chats at Everyday Ruralty.

1.  What was your biggest fear as a child?
Mice.  Rats.  Our apartment became infested with them.  They were everywhere, and they horrified me.  Even to this day, the sight of a mouse will send me into a frenzied panic.

 2.  Who taught you to cook?
My mom.  Her method was different from other moms.  Rather than be in the kitchen with me, she would go to the bedroom and give me instructions.  As I finished one step I'd run over and ask what to do next, and she'd tell me what to do and I'd do it.  She preferred this hands-off approach, probably because she knew if she was in the kitchen with me she'd grow impatient and start doing things herself.  It worked so well I did the same thing with my own kids.

 3.  Do you have a lot of books in your home?
Not as many as I'd like.  I do have quite a few but I'm a book lover.  I can read for hours.  I've got a nice little collection on my Nook too, but neither collection is larger than my son's.  My oldest son R has boxes of books.

 4.  Wendell asks:  Do you like carrot cake? Patrice says frosting is good on top. If you like that cake, what kind of frosting do you like best? On top? Hmm. I guess you wear it like a hat.
I l-o-v-e love carrot cake!  I've made it and added pineapple to it.  Oh.My.Word.  Insanely delicious!  As for frosting, I've tried it with vanilla and with cream cheese, and cream cheese is definitely the winner.

 5.  What's did the last funny t-shirt you read say? (It doesn't have to reflect your personal feeling about the topic, just be funny and family friendly.)
My son has a t-shirt that says, "My mom thinks I'm cool."  That's one of my favorites.


Kim said...

Patrice's porch swing does look inviting. I think your sons t- shirt is so cute.

Cathy Kennedy said...

I hate mice! I know that I'm afraid of them, but I definitely do not like them. We have caught several this summer. I don't know how they are getting into the house, but they are. I find it very helpful to lay glue boards near one hot spot in our kitchen and without fail, if one is in the house then it will get trapped. Now, if you freak out easily over these little guys then you won't like dealing with them squirming because they try diligently to free themselves. I have no problem with disposing of them. Thanks for visiting!

Patrice said...

My button does go well with your blog background. Our farmhouse gets mice when it gets cooler. It makes me crazy. We only have one cat out of four that will be bothered to help. I like the fact that I don't have to dust the books on my Kindle! Carrot cake- Yum! Now I'm hungry. Funny t-shirt! Have a great week.

Clairity said...

I love your/your mom's method of teaching kids to cook. Interesting and I'll bet it works too because too many times, I'm guilty of diving in myself if I'm in the kitchen with them.