Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, August 14, 2012...

Outside my window...the sun is blaring, the humidity is high, the heat index is high, and the grass needs to get cut.  Of course, no one wants to do it, myself included.  It's too hot out.

I am thinking...of my son, and how bummed he was yesterday.  His car got towed the night before and we had to pick it up from the impound.  Poor boy, he wants to get financially stable again but he keeps running into walls.

I am thankful...that I can be there for my kids when life's blows knock them down.

I am going...to vote today for local stuff, including the lifting of a ban on pit bulls.

I am wearing...a mint green top, blue skirt and black flip-flops.  It's 84 degrees out but with a heat index of 77% it feels like 94, and it's only gonna get hotter.  Oh, and we're supposed to get rain today.

In the kitchen...my homemade sauce is cooking away in the crock pot.  We're having meatballs and ravioli today - yum!

I am creating...an organized back pack for my son.  School starts on Monday.

I am wondering...what is God up to right now?  He put a desire in my heart to bring one or two children from the orphanage where my daughter works to my house for Thanksgiving.  I mentioned it to her, not thinking it was possible.  Yesterday she said yes, we can invite a couple of children for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my heart desires it even more.  God is up to something, of that I'm sure.

I am reading...a couple of devotions, and still working through Genesis with E.  I need to go through my Nook and start reading something else.  I just wish my eyes wouldn't get so tired so quickly.

I am hoping...my son enjoys school this year.  He's moving to the middle school building for 7th grade.  I'm thankful he's in the same school he's been in since kindergarten.  They move to different buildings on the same grounds.

I am looking forward to...Awana starting up again.  I miss my girls.  Awana begins August 22nd.

I am learning...that even when things don't seem to go the way I expected, God is still in it.

Around the house...the daily vacuuming must be done.  Molly got her bath a couple of days ago but she's still shedding a ton.  Gotta take a look at the laundry situation too.

A favorite quote of the day..."We do not understand and then obey: that is instruction. We obey by faith, and then we understand: that is illumination." - Warren Wiersbe.

One of my favorite things...flowers.  Of all colors.  They give beauty to a landscape.

A few plans for the rest of the week...bowling, bowling, bowling!  Three of us have bowling shoes now, and we plan on getting use out of them!  Thursday and Friday are my daughter's days off, but Thursday I have a doctor's appointment and Friday E and I are volunteering at our church to get folks to sign their kids up for Awana.  Still, we can bowl!

Wanna join in the fun?  Visit Peggy at the Simple Woman's Daybook.  God bless.

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I enjoyed reading about your busy life...
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