Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Quiz About Me

Here's a fun blog hop that can be personalized to each person's taste.  There are four questions for everyone to answer, then the option to add a fifth question for visitors to answer.  If it peaks your interest, Heather at Acting Balanced would love to have you give it a try.

1. What is your favorite memory you made while on walk?
I usually go on walks early in the morning with my son, I leave the car at our local Winn-Dixie and walk the rest of the way to his school.  We have some of the funniest conversations during those walks!  I also have the memories of walking our dog Tobey who is gone, and now of walking Molly.  It's fun to see her curiosity as she sniffs every spot on our walk through the neighborhood.

2. Do you prefer to live in the city, suburbs or country?  Why?
I would love to live in the country, with all the wide open spaces and fresh air!  I've lived in the city and I hated it.  I now live in the suburbs and I do like our little town a lot, but it's still too many houses close to each other.  I'd love to have some land, a nice big piece to plant stuff.

3. Post the cutest kid/pet/whatever picture you have taken lately?

This is Froggy.  Froggy got on our patio door during Tropical Storm Isaac.  I guess the rain was too much for him ;)

4. What is your favorite recipe made with apples?
Apple pie.  I've made it, I love it, and I could eat it everyday, but my stubborn family doesn't care for it. :P

And for my question:

5.  When do you start your Christmas shopping (remember, it's only 3 months away!)?
I start Christmas shopping now, in September.  I like having all or most of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, and anything that's left to be bought I try to do online.  I hate going to the mall in December.  It's too crowded for my taste.


Heather Smith said...

I shop all year round for Christmas! I pick up things here and there and stash them away!

My Kid's Mom said...

I like to start early. It would be great to be done by Thanksgiving but that probably isn't going to happen this year.

Mrs. O said...

Can you please share your recipe and cooking instructions for the individual pies you recently mentioned? :) I'd love to try it!

Jess said...

Why don't you ever add the linky code at the bottom? Or am I missing it?

Arlene said...

@Jess: I link up on the Acting Balanced website. Her website is You can click on the words Acting Balanced on my post and it'll take you there, that's where you'll see my link-up.

Nani said...

I start Christmas planning in September, a few things for shopping in October but most of the gifts and get our cards printed in November. I do a hugs grocery trip for baking in early December.

retired not tired said...

I will do my Christmas shopping after the Canadian Thanksgiving. Now days I am more into giving money since the grandchildren don't need much. The adult kids get gift certificates.

Jess said...

Every year I tell myself to start Christmas shopping EARLY - like during the sales that happen AFTER Christmas. But then I get sidetrack and forget. Sooo I guess I'm starting now - sort of.

Lisa said...

I start the moment Christmas has ended. I love picking up things I know my family will love through out the year. Plus it saves my sanity from last minute shopping.