Friday, September 21, 2012

The Week in Review

I didn't do a Thursday post because...I just didn't want to?  Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.  I wasn't in the mood to blog yesterday.  Today is a new day, and here's some of the stuff that has gone on and some of my thoughts for this week.

 - The pumpkin spice craze continues.  This week my son R brought home a couple of loaves of Pepperidge Farms Pumpkin Spice swirl bread.  Oh, sooo good!  Then last night he brought me a bag of Hershey's pumpkin spice Kisses.  It's like having a pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice cake melt in your mouth!  I love pumpkin spice anything, so all these new products are obviously targeted at me!

 - Speaking of Target, I had to stop there after picking up my son E from school this afternoon.  My coffee maker, which is pretty old, had started shutting off for no reason.  It would turn off for a few minutes, then turn on again.  I knew it was probably on its last leg, and I'd included a new coffee maker on my shopping list, but for the past 3 or 4 days it hadn't acted up, so I thought maybe it was a power surge or something.  I went grocery shopping and crossed the coffee maker off the list.  Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I got home I noticed the coffee maker had shut down again.  Only this time, there was no resuscitation.  It had completely died.  I was not too happy that it waited until AFTER I'd come home from Walmart to take its last breath.  On our way to Target we got caught in a drenching rainstorm, so bad I could hardly see where I was going.  Thankfully, though it would have been a shorter drive had I taken the expressway, I felt the Lord nudge me to take the frontage road instead.  With so much traffic and so little visibility, it was a much better option.  I'm happy to say I found a really nice Mr. Coffee 5 cup programmable coffee maker with stainless steel carafe, on sale for $19.99.  And what's more, by the time we'd finished shopping, the rain had stopped.

 - My son E and I have finished the book of Genesis and have started reading Exodus.  It's our goal to read through the Bible together, one chapter at a time, discussing as we go.  I know it'll take a long time, but the benefits are worth the effort.

 - My oldest son R started school this week.  He's working towards his bachelor's in...something to do with computers.  I think it's like IT stuff, or web design.  Or both.  He's told me before, but so much of what he says goes over my head.  Still, I listen.  That's what Mom's are for.

 - For some time now I've watched very little network television.  The commercials are not only too frequent, they are offensive many times, and with the presidential election coming up they are outright nauseating.  We've taken to watching Netflix quite a bit, and I've begun watching Leave It To Beaver episodes.  The nice thing is, my son E has enjoyed sitting with me and watching it too.  I laugh at the jokes, but also at things that weren't meant to be funny then but are hilarious now.  Like the fact that Wally and the Beaver get to watch a double feature film at their local movie theater for $.25 each.  That just blows my mind!  Mostly I like to watch it because the comedy, while sometimes corny, is so innocent and clean, not like many of the shows on television today that have off colored jokes or some sort of agenda behind them.  How I miss shows about everyday people and everyday lives, like Leave It To Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, The Cosby Show...realistic without trying to be over-the-top, and stories anyone could identify with.

 - I measured my 12 year old son yesterday, and found that he's now 5'4" tall.  That's my height.  He's an inch taller than his sister, which doesn't please her in the least (she says she got stuck with the short gene).  I can't believe how much he's growing.  His dad bought him a pair of sneakers at the beginning of summer vacation, size 8 1/2.  I decided to get him a pair of sneakers for school, since the sneakers his dad bought are white and they'd get ruined.  His new sneakers are size 9.  I know shoe sizes can vary, but I also know this kid is stretching out, and with boys the feet grow first, then the height catches up.  My son's wish is to be as tall as my brother who is 6'.  Who knows, he just may get his wish.

 - I read some very sad news this morning.  One of my favorite Christian writers, actress Lisa Whelchel (Blair from The Facts of Life) has divorced her husband of 24 years.  When I read this, I felt my heart land in my stomach.  Divorce is difficult, it's painful, and for a devout Christian it's even more heart wrenching because we know how God feels about divorce.  I'm sure it's not a decision she and her husband made without careful consideration, but that still doesn't make it any easier.  My prayers are that they can heal from this devastating time, and that their children are able to cope with it also.  Although their 3 children are grown, it doesn't make it any less painful for a child when their parents separate.

And that's my life so far this week.  Tomorrow is Family Fun Night at our church, and I only hope and pray the weather isn't like it's been these last few nights, with rain and thunderstorms.  Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

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