Friday, October 12, 2012

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun

It's Friday, and time for some fill-ins.  Join the fill-in group at Feeling Beachie.  Hilary will be glad you did.

This week’s statements:
1. Given the choice of ___ or ___ for ___ I’d pick ___
Given the choice of cake or pie for dessert I'd pick pie.  Apple, please.

2. If you told me ____ I would never have believed you
If you told me back in September 2001 that we'd one day have a president named Barak Obama I would never have believed you.

3. The last time I cooked_______it came out_______.
The last time I cooked meatloaf it came out a bit spicy.  That's because I used Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet and Spicy barbecue sauce on top of it.  Gave it a little kick.

4. My favorite color is ___
My favorite color is green.  All shades except neon.  That's just annoying.


Rockin My Journey said...

Lots of green fans.... I just did meatloaf last week & almost changed the sauce but chickened out :]
wishing you a blessed weekend ~ Janice

Hilary said...

it is pretty cool... a lot of us like green!

Beckey said...

I'd also pick pie over cake. But for me the answer is always ice cream. :)