Monday, October 1, 2012

Move It Mondays

Happy Monday world! Can you believe it's the first Monday in October?!?  This year has just flown by!

It started out as a beautiful day, sunshine and a cool breeze even though the humidity is still high.  I decided it would be a good day for cutting the grass.  Allergy-wise it's not the best thing; my allergies were on high alert yesterday, and I ended up having to take a Benadryl so I could function, which left me drowsy the entire day.  But I wanted to get the lawn mowed because we're supposed to get rain all this week, and with my son R's schedule of work and school he probably won't be able to do it, so it was up to me.

It started out great.  The breeze made being outside much more tolerable than in past weeks when the heat and humidity made the air stifling.  It became overcast too, so I didn't have the sun blaring down on me.  Our lawn mower is 12 years old, and while it's been a real workhorse, it's also deteriorating fast.  Last time we cut the grass, I commented to my son that I'd seen a small hole on the top of the mower.  He said he'd noticed 2 holes, and grass clippings coming out through one of them.  Today I noticed that, not only is he right about there being two holes, they've grown and continue to grow.  The metal is corroded, probably because the lawn mower is housed in the shed in our backyard and the humidity has damaged it over the years.  I still was able to do the entire side yard and half of the backyard before I noticed something even more troubling:  the engine was smoking.  I'd never seen it do that before!  I immediately turned it off and put it away.  Hopefully I can get it going tomorrow so I can finish the yard - it doesn't look very attractive with only half the work done.  I'm also looking at prices for a new mower, as it seems this one is on its last leg.

I'm currently cooking our lunch/dinner.  We're having kielbasa and onions, yellow rice with mixed vegetables, and oven fries.  I have to make enough so that my daughter can have it for lunch and also pack some for her dinner.  At the orphanage, she's not allowed to go out to eat because she can't leave the children alone or with just one other person, so she eats there with them when they're having their dinner.

This afternoon I'm taking my youngest to the dentist again.  Last week he had 2 baby teeth removed.  One was an eye tooth, and the other a molar.  These had stuck into the gums and refused to budge, even though the permanent teeth had come out.  It distressed me, especially the eye tooth, because E has the straightest teeth of all my kids except for that one tooth because the baby tooth wasn't letting it fall into place.  Hopefully now it has the space to move on its own, since I don't want to have to pay for braces for one tooth.  Today he's having a cleaning and sealant put on his teeth.  He's happier today because he knows a cleaning won't involve needles ;).  He was a real trooper last week, but let's be honest, no one likes those icky novocaine shots.

I've got a busy day and busy week ahead.  I'm thankful for the days past, for today, and for the days to come.  Have a wonderful first week of October!

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Mrs. O said...

I can deal with the needles at the dentist because I know it'll be quick and then I won't feel a thing. But I hate it once the numbing wears off because that afterwards pain lasts several hours.