Monday, October 29, 2012

Move It Mondays

Happy Monday!  Well, if you live in South Florida it sure is.  If you live in the Northeast, not so much.  Hurricane Sandy has gotten stronger, incredibly enough, and it looks like it's headed towards New Jersey, but of course this system is so huge it will impact multiple states.  To make matters worse, it's colliding with another system which means this will bring wind, rain, snow, flooding, all kinds of ugly scenarios.  Boy, do they need our prayers!

Here is South Florida, I'm enjoying 68 degree weather.  The humidity is at 49%, and the dew point is 49 degrees, making it a picture perfect day.  The windows are open, letting in a scrumptious breeze.  It was 62 degrees when I took my son to school this morning, and we were both loving it!

Thanks to this pleasant weather, I was able to mow the entire lawn without breaking a sweat.  Of course it wasn't the easiest task, since our lawn mower is approaching its final hours.  The grass clippings kept spraying out of the rust holes and into the motor.  I had to stop and clean it off halfway through the yard because the mower started smoking.  I'm thankful I was able to finish the job!  I'm still hoping and praying the lawn mower will last until income tax time so I don't have to touch my savings to get it replaced.

Right now I have a rack of spare ribs in the oven - they are just done, and the entire house smells amazing!  I put them in the oven at 300 degrees at 8:30 this morning.  As I was cutting the grass I could smell something delicious, and realized it was my own food!  That was a great feeling!!  We're having these ribs with Bush's baked beans and a salad.

After lunch I'm gonna fold and put away a couple loads of laundry, then I have to pick up my son from school.  We'll be working on his science fair project.  The actual project work was completed; now it's all about putting in into a power point presentation.  I've never done anything like that before, and neither has E.  This should be a good learning experience for both of us!

I hope you're enjoying your day.  If you're in the Northeast, rest assured, many prayers are being lifted up for you.  May your day be blessed.

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Mrs. O said...

Sandy's gonna be bad because it's hitting us during high tide and a full moon (which in itself makes the tide higher than normal). Surges are expected to get upwards of 10'; with Irene, it was about 5'. Staten Island, Rockaways, Brooklyn, lower Manhattan and City Island have flooding already so it's not gonna be pretty.

PowerPoint isn't too hard to figure out; check out THIS tutorial or THIS ONE.