Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Thanks once again to Patrice and Wendell for entertaining us on their porch!  It's a lovely day, so I think I'll join up with them at Everyday Ruralty.

1. What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? For anyone not in the US, what's your favorite fall side dish?
Hands down, my family will say it's the stuffing.  And yes, it's stuffing.  As in, in the bird (though I make enough to fill a dish and bake it alongside the turkey).  Here's the thing:  I take Stove Top stuffing and add additional onions and celery, fresh sage and thyme, and raisins.  Then, instead of making it with water and margarine, I use chicken stock and butter.  Oh my, I can't wait!

2. What's the first thing you do when you have a headache?
Depends on the type of headache.  If it's a sinus headache I typically turn to my allergy medicine or sinus medicine.  If it's a migraine, I take 2 Tylenol and go to bed - do not disturb me under any circumstances.

3. Do you like to "people watch"? (Observe people in public while waiting for something or relaxing)
Not really.  I guess since I don't like to be watched I feel uncomfortable watching.  I try to bring some reading material if I have to sit around so I don't have to watch anyone.

4. Where's your family most likely to eat for a day to day meal? (Read= not holiday)
The dining room or the kitchen counter.  My youngest son likes eating in the family room or dining room, and my daughter will occasionally eat in her bedroom, as will her brother.

5. Tell me about your plans for Thanksgiving Day. Or tell me something special you will do soon.
Thanksgiving Day will be spent here at home.  I'll be brining the turkey again, so that will start the night before.  We'll watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning, prepare the meal in the afternoon, watch Miracle on 34th Street, play some board games, and relax as we enjoy each other's company.  There'll be no Black Friday shopping for us, so we can nap if we want to or stay awake, whichever is to our inclination.  I'm really looking forward to it!


Debbie Huffaker said...

Loved reading all your answers. That stuffing sounds so good. I've never had it with raisins...yum!!! HOPE you have a great THANKSgiving with your family!

Kim said...

You can't go wrong with anything that starts with Stove Top stuffing. Yumm. I never thought of making it with chicken stock. Great idea!

Sherri said...

Your Turkey day sounds a lot like our day. It's nice to finally see a fellow anti "Black Friday" shopper. LOL...I think my favorite part of the day is the just hangin' out with my lil' family. Have a blessed week :o)

Patrice said...

Your Thanksgiving Day sounds relaxing. I think it will be just us. We usually spend the evening with extended family, but I just don't feel like making the drive this year. I haven't watched the Macy's parade in years. I'll have to do that this year. Have a great week!

Barb said...

Hi Arlene!

I love stuffing too! Sounds like your Thanksgiving Day will be fun, yummy and relaxing . . . Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!