Monday, November 12, 2012

Move It Mondays

Happy Monday!  It's officially 10 days till Thanksgiving - the countdown has begun!  I did some grocery shopping on Friday and bought some of the food items for the big day, so that I wouldn't have to get everything in one shot.  Besides, this is sale time, and I'm stocking up!  I have 17 boxes of Stove Top stuffing in my garage because it's going for half price right now, and even cheaper at our local Publix.  I've also got about 12 boxes of several varieties of Duncan Hines cake mixes which are also buy one get one free.  Those I'll use to make cakes for my neighbors as Christmas gifts.

Today is a no-school day, as we honor our veterans.  We owe so much to their bravery and hard work.  I'm having my breakfast now, a pumpkin spice Eggo waffle with 2 slices of bacon and my morning coffee.  I'll be doing a little cleaning soon, but mostly I want to focus on helping my son E finish his science fair project.  It isn't due until next week but all he needs to write is the conclusion and then he can turn it in early.  Of course I have to wait till he wakes up; there's no getting up early on a school free day!

My daughter will be gone most of the day for work and a training.  I think it'll be a quiet day, but who knows? It can change at the blink of an eye!  Have a wonderful day everyone.

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