Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, November 13, 2012...

Outside my window...the sky is overcast which helps keep us cool.  The breezes are blowing and it's a nice fall day.

I am thinking...about Thanksgiving.  It's only 9 days away!

I am thankful...for more than I can relate.  My family, good friends, a home, a pantry filled with food.  Most of all, I'm thankful for Jesus.

I am going...to find out where my oldest son is.  He was here just a few minutes ago.

I am wearing...a yellow jacket with a yellow camisole underneath, jean skirt and sandals.  It's 79 degrees out.

I am noticing...Christmas lights already.  I'm anxious to decorate too, but could we at least get passed Thanksgiving?!

In the kitchen...I made chicken fajitas.  I made them because I'm trying to use up some of what's in the pantry, and because bell peppers were on sale at Winn-Dixie.  The thing is, I wanted to use up a bottle of marinade my son had bought as well.  It's Balsamic Herb.  They were the sweetest fajitas we've ever eaten, but honestly, they were delicious!

I am creating...a mental picture of how I'm going to decorate this Christmas.

I am reading...yeah, still reading Unglued.  I'm on chapter 5.  I took the assessment test for the book, and it turns out I'm a Stuffer Who Builds Barriers.  That means I hold things in, like anger and disappointment, then keep people out so they can't hurt me anymore.

I am hoping...my son gets his turkey coupon from the store.  Last year's turkey cost him under $3 and it was so juicy and delicous!  It was a 14 pounder too, not a scrawny little thing.

I am looking forward to...spending Thanksgiving with my family, and decorating for Christmas!

I am hearing...our dog Molly growling at something outside.  I didn't see anything so I don't know what's upsetting her.

Around the house...I need to clean up some areas where Molly drooled after her morning walk. :P

A favorite quote of the day..."I may not always understand
The way that You may lead,
But, Lord, in faith I’ll clasp Your hand
And trust You for each need. —Dean

One of my favorite things...the smells in the kitchen when I'm baking.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Awana tomorrow, grocery shopping on Friday to finish up what's needed for Thanksgiving and the rest of the week, and church on Sunday.

Wanna join in the fun?  Visit Peggy at the Simple Woman's Daybook.  God bless.

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Barb said...

Hi Arlene!

Can you believe that people are already putting up Christmas lights! I love Christmas too - but like you, I like it after Thanksgiving... :0)

Loved your quote - good words to ponder on.

I love the way my kitchen smells when I'm cooking - especially for Thanksgiving!!