Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Observing My Senses

For Today, July 10, 2013...

I am seeing...a less-than-half mowed lawn.  I began mowing yesterday and was stopped by a heavy rainstorm.  I've got errands to run today, so the rest of it will have to wait till tomorrow.  It's not the first time this happens.  Ah, Florida, the Sunshine State.

I am feeling...excited as we look into a trip to the nations oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida.  My daughter and I are looking at hotels and activities, and we're really pumped at all the fun stuff to do in St. Augustine.  My son is looking forward to the chocolate factory tour.  That boy is hungry all of the time.

I am hearing...the whir of the computer fan.  It's 9:00am but my kids are still in bed.  That's part of the joys of summer.  In my head I keep hearing a song from the newest Tim Hawkins DVD which we got a couple of days ago and is as hilarious as I expected.

I am and and English muffin.  I really like that Thomas' has English muffins that are super-charged with all kinds of healthy stuff.

I am morning coffee and the sausages I fried up for my youngest son.  He likes to have his sausages with some Cuban bread and butter.  It's his favorite morning sandwich.

It just takes a moment to observe your surroundings.  Won't you join me?

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