Monday, August 5, 2013

Observing My Senses

For today, August 5, 2013...

I am seeing...clouds, and the wind picking up. We might just see some rain. Again. 

I am feeling...frustrated with this son of mine. He hates shopping or trying on clothes, but the only way I'll know if his school pants fit him is if he puts them on. You'd think I was sending him to Alcatraz for crying out loud!

I am hearing...said son as he looks for ways to distract me so he doesn't have to try on his pants. It's not working. 

I am coconut fruit bar. How I love the pieces of coconut it has!

I am smelling...jambalaya. I made it nice and spicy. No complaints from anyone :)

It just takes moment to observe your surroundings. Won't you join me?

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