Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Observing My Senses

For today, September 3, 2013...

I am seeing...a clean, comfortable home with decorative autumn accents. Though I think I'd like to see a few more of them. 

I am feeling...relieved that my son is feeling better. I has to pick him up from school because he was suffering from the same stomach flu that attacked his sister just a few days ago. I sure do hope the virus's track ended there. 

I am hearing...the clicking of my keyboard. Nothing else. My youngest son is home but he's being a quiet boy today. 

I am tasting...nothing now. We had chicken parmigiana with spaghetti earlier. 

I am smelling...pumpkin stuff. Candles and such. 

It just takes a moment to observe your surroundings. Won't you join me?

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