Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Musings

It's the day after my birthday, and life is back to normal.  Yesterday I was a celebrity, today I'm just an ordinary mom.  Fame is so fleeting...

After eating out yesterday my stomach needed to get back to normal, too.  We don't eat out very much; Little Caesar's pizza is about the only thing we ever have, and that's maybe once a month.  Our digestive systems don't do well eating restaurant food (well, except for R.  That boy could eat rock soup and be just fine).  For breakfast I had cereal and toast along with my morning coffee.  My son E had an upset stomach last night, and today he was still not completely himself.  He ate quite a few chicken wings and drank a whole lotta Coke.  Ramen noodle soup is the remedy for that in my house; that, and a little bicarb.  My daughter was also complaining that she didn't feel well, and since they were the ones eating the chicken wings I have to suspect it was that.  We've had Buffalo Wild Wings before and been okay.  It may just be the amount they had - probably 10 wings apiece.  Lesson learned.

As I sat down to breakfast I went on the Bare Minerals website to see what was going on (my daughter says I'm obsessed).  It's a good thing I did - Beauty Rush!!!  I've explained this before, but:  Beauty Rush is when Bare Escentuals needs to clear their inventory, so they put all kinds of stuff at 50% - 70% off the regular price, and with many items this is the last chance to get them.  Beauty Rush is never pre-announced - they simply put it on their website the day of.  My daughter had already left for work when I realized Beauty Rush was going on today so I quickly texted her.  The sale started at 9 am PT (Bare Escentuals is in the San Francisco area) so I told her to be ready at noon.  No sooner had the clock chimed 12, we were on the site and texting back and forth!  We decided to combine our orders, since $50 is needed to get free shipping, and they were offering a free gift for orders over $65.  We both had just enough for free shipping but not the free gift; by combining our orders we got both.  I ordered a kit called Weekend Getaway, which includes a really nice rose gold train case, a well-rested eyeliner in Nude, a rich brown eyeliner, a plum brown lipliner, 2 lip glosses, a brightening mineral veil (which is a face powder with some highlight), all for $28. I also got the Bronze Affair Kit which is a bronzer/highlighter compact with brush for $12, a lip palette for $10, and my daughter and I each got the Natural Light Face Lifting Duo for $8 (regular price is $19!).  My daughter also got the Addicted to Peach collection for $25 - good thing she ordered early, since they actually ran out shortly after.  She also ordered an eyeshadow kit for $8 and a lip palette for $10.  We were trying not to go overboard but it was hard!!  Such great deals are hard to pass up.

School was pretty good today.  My son had 4 assignments to get done; two for today and two that are due by Wednesday.  He finished 3 of the 4 before laying down for a bit; his head was hurting because his stomach was still feeling queasy.  I figured he'd done pretty well under the circumstances so I didn't give him a hard time.

I had laundry to put away today - 5 baskets of laundry to be exact.  At 4:30 I went out and started picking up the branches and coconuts that had fallen from the trees in our backyard, and as I rolled the trash can to the curb I looked at my house with the backwards lights.  It's 10 days till Christmas and I hadn't been able to turn on my Christmas lights because I hadn't set them right.  I had to take care of that today, or I knew I'd never get it done.  My older kids were both at work, so it was me and my headachy son, but since he only had to hold the ladder steady (and call 911 if I fell off), I went to work righting the wrong.  I'm pleased to announce that we now have Christmas lights that are lit!  Now there's a feeling of satisfaction!

I hadn't heard from Ulta on my order placed a week ago, so I gave them a call.  They usually ship on time, so I knew it had to do with the Christmas rush, but I also wanted to be sure it would ship and arrive before Christmas.  My kids want to give their dad his gift on the right day.  They assured me that I should have a tracking number within the next couple of days, and that if the order does ship late they will expedite shipping at no extra charge.  Now that's good customer service!  I only have this order and one Amazon order that ships on Friday, and all my Christmas items will be under the tree.  It has taken longer this year because of shipping.  I usually have all my shopping done and all packages under the tree by mid-December.  

While my son took a break from school to rest, I went to see how much stuff was left from the Beauty Rush sale.  What I didn't know was that, as items run out, new items are put up.  There was stuff I hadn't seen before, that if I'd have known they were gonna have them I would have waited!  Order number 2 started to form as soon as I realized they had skin care products on Beauty Rush!  I found a 3 piece kit called Radiant and Glowing, which contains an eye serum, neck cream and toner wipes, all for $24.  These items all cost over $34 each on their own!  And they're full sized!  I also found a kit called Face Fashion, with 2 eyeshadows, blush, mascara and lip gloss, all for $12!!  I knew that wasn't there before because I'd have snatched it up in a hurry!  Add to that the Complexion Superstars kit, with 2 different mineral veils, blush, bronzer and highlighter, plus a brush, for $22.  Just one of the mineral veils costs that much!  Oh, how I love a sale!

I'm finishing up this post on my cellphone. For some unknown reason, my computer decided it didn't want to work anymore and went black. I shut it down 4 times. It came back up but could not find the internet. It was trying to find broadband. ?? We haven't had broadband in years. It also changed the date on the computer to 9/1/2007. My son E says it probably went to a past save or something. My son R is still at work; he's my computer genius. I'll have to wait till tomorrow to get that taken care of. It's pretty urgent - that's the computer with all my son's schoolwork. Never a dull moment is what I say. Well, goodnight y'all. 

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