Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday - A Week Before My Birthday

It's the end of the day, and I'm chuckling as my daughter and I watch The Santa Clause.  This movie is a classic.  Sweet, funny, sentimental.  Everything anyone could possibly want in a Christmas movie.

My day started way too early.  I woke up at 4 am, dozed off about 6 am, and was wide awake before 7 am.  Since I'd showered and done all my beautifying yesterday evening, I only had to wash my face and brush my teeth.  I was happy to wear a dress I don't get to wear too often.  Our temperatures in South Florida don't vary much - it's either hot, very hot or broiling.  Fall is very nice, though.  We get some very pleasant days.  This morning the temperature was 63 degrees when I got up so I wore my long sleeve jersey dress in a deep purple and black geometric design.  It's definitely a fall/winter dress.  I made a quick breakfast for E and myself, since my daughter A left early (she works for the church) and my oldest son R was still in bed.  Then I fixed my bed, did my hair and makeup, and we were out the door late thanks to my slow moving son.  By the time I got to Sunday school I was ready for another nap. 

Sunday school was a bit different today; our Sunday school teachers had a meeting, so all the classes were combined and we had a nice teaching by one of the leaders on thankfulness.  I wish I'd been more awake.  After a very early start to my morning I needed a class that was more interactive.  Unfortunately, it seemed like I wasn't the only one who hadn't had enough sleep.  Afterwards we went to our Sunday service which was amazing as usual.  I love Pastor Ray's teachings.  His sermon today was on Christian leadership and based on Acts 2:14.  He taught about the need to not only pray but to act on our prayers.  God doesn't need us, but He chooses to use us.  We must be willing to be used for His glory.  It was a great, biblical teaching.  I know many people want feel-good types of sermons every week, but what we need isn't always what we want.  We need teachings that show us what God's will is, and we need to obey.  Our church has been going through some transitions right now, along with financial troubles.  We are praying for and seeking revival.  To achieve that, we need to surrender to the Holy Spirit.  We need real and true teachings, not bubble gum.  That's why I'm thankful that our pastor is dedicated to teaching God's word, whether it's what folks want to hear or not.

After church we came home, and I made some steaks for lunch.  I don't usually cook on Sundays, but these steaks were getting freezer burn because the packaging had torn, so I put them in freezer bags and stored them in the fridge.  I knew I had to make them today or I'd have to throw them out, and no way was I gonna throw out steaks.  Steaks, rice, and french fries.  Quick and simple.

After that I basically vegged.  We considered going to the mall but my daughter has an injury from training for a half marathon and her leg was hurting, so we stayed home and watched television.  We don't usually stay at home doing nothing, but hey, even God rested on the seventh day :-).  We're gonna finish watching The Santa Clause, then maybe watch another movie before bedtime.  Good night everybody.

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