Saturday, March 7, 2015

Product Review: Smoothing Therapy by Keratin Complex

A couple of weeks ago I got to my Sunday school class late - again.  Thankfully I wasn't the only one late that day.  There was only one other person in class, and she'd gotten there moments before.  We started talking about how we'd gotten up late and were rushed out the door, and she said she hadn't had a chance to wash her hair, which she does daily because her hair is so oily.  I told her I had the opposite problem: my hair is dry, and if I wash it more than twice a week it turns into a dried out,  frizzy mess.  I also mentioned that I have to use shampoos without sulfates, since these dull my hair color.  She also colors her hair, and told me the only product that works for her is one her mom, who is a hairdresser, sells at her salon.  She said she'd bring me some samples to try.  I left it at that; honestly, I didn't think about it again the rest of the week.

This past Sunday we come to class, and my friend had the samples for me.  I was so touched by her kindness in remembering, and I thanked her profusely, promising to try the products.  I'd just colored my hair on Friday, so I didn't wash it again until Tuesday.  As promised, I put Keratin Complex's Smoothing Therapy to the test.

As I poured the shampoo into my hand, the first thought that came to my mind was, "This is for oily hair."  It was very liquidy and didn't feel moisturizing at all.  I gave my hair its first wash; there was barely any lather.  That didn't bother me; shampoos with too much lather tend to have lots of sulfates.  This didn't seem to be leaving my hair very clean, though, and that did trouble me.  On my second wash it did seem to be doing the job, but it still felt kind of drying.  Then I used the conditioner, and again it didn't feel moisturizing in the least.  I looked over both bottles but neither one specified if it was for oily, normal, or dry hair.  It just says its for color care.  I was tempted to grab my OGX shampoo and wash my hair again, but I didn't feel I'd be doing the shampoo justice if I did that.  Besides, my friend had been so sweet to bring me these samples, how could I not give her the benefit of the doubt?  If I didn't like them I could be honest about it, but only if I really gave them a chance.  So, I finished washing my hair and prepared to dry it.  I did use my Kerastase Reflection Chroma Thermique heat protectant to protect my hair from the blow dryer and straightening iron, and a tiny drop of BioSilk because of the humidity - I use these regularly when I style my hair.  I dried and straightened my hair, and it looked...


I could not believe how shiny my hair looked!  I was so surprised, because the shampoo does not feel moisturizing in the least, but it gave my hair incredible sheen.  Admittedly, it isn't as soft as when I use my OGX products, but it did look fabulous!  Even more surprising was the next day - it looked like I'd just washed and styled it!  When I told my daughter that I'd used the products my friend gave me, she said, "I was wondering about that, and I was going to ask what you'd done to your hair because it looks really nice."  Yep, that good!

My hair looked great for 3 days.  This morning it looked droopy and in need of some TLC.  I wondered if the shampoo and conditioner had actually done so terrific a job, or if it was because I'd just colored my hair a few days before.  Was my hair still going to look as beautiful as the first time I'd used it?  The answer:  Yes!  I washed and styled my hair, and I can say that the color is vivid and my hair looks shiny and clean.

My final thoughts on Smoothing Therapy by Keratin Complex:

Pros - My hair looks like I just walked out of a salon, and the look lasts for a good 3 days.  It does a good job of cleaning my hair.  It keeps the frizziness at bay so I don't have to worry about my hair looking like I've stuck my finger in an electric socket.

Cons - This is not a moisturizing shampoo.  If you have oily hair, this will make you very happy.  If you have normal to dry or very dry hair, it's not going to feel as soft as a moisturizing shampoo will make it feel.  

Ultimately, it comes down to what's more important: hair that looks great or hair that feels soft and silky.  Mind you, my hair looks soft and silky, it just doesn't feel that way, at least not to me.  

Will I buy this product?  I have to say, I'm still kind of on the fence.  I like my hair to feel soft, and this product isn't meant for that.  But I can't help seeing how beautiful my hair looks and wanting that for keeps!  I'm gonna have to use this some more and see how it works over time.  Thankfully the samples are deluxe sized, so I'll be able to test it for longer than two washes.  My main concern of course is having my hair get drier.  We'll have to see.  I'll keep ya'll updated. 

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