Friday, January 30, 2015

Finally Friday

The end of the week is finally here, and you know what?  It's been a good week.  I'm glad I was alive to enjoy it :-).

I woke up with a puffy eye.  The stye was still there, still hurting, still causing me great annoyance.  I took a look at it when I got up, and it wasn't pretty.  There is a zit on the inner part of my lower lash line.  I gently pulled my bottom lid back to put medicine on it, and I could actually see it.  It's no wonder the dang thing hurts so much!  I put the medicine on after washing my face.  I'm not a huge fan of this ointment.  It's messy and makes my eye greasy and teary, but it also helps with the soreness, so on it goes.  I texted my best friend IV, who is a pharmacist, and asked if there was anything else I could put on it.  I was kind of hoping there was a new miracle drug that would instantly heal this thing, but she said no, it would go away on its own.  Great.  I have to admit, it isn't quite as sore as it was this morning, so maybe it's finally going away?  Let's hope so.

My son had algebra and Hope today.  That was it.  The Hope class was an hour long, but the math was a lesson with a video, and we dragged that one out.  I especially went over the difference between mean and median, and we did all the practice examples provided.  He got a 90% on today's quiz, much better than yesterday's 70%.  He got one question wrong, but when I went over it (figuring he'd done the math wrong or copied a number incorrectly), it was right.  At least, according to the way the teacher in the video had explained it, he'd done it correctly.  So I've emailed the teacher about it.  That's one thing I'm not liking about this curriculum: too many times, the computer has the wrong answer, and if we don't catch it he'll get a lower grade.  I'm waiting to hear from the teacher; after all, maybe we both misunderstood the procedure.  It doesn't seem likely, but I'll give the computer program the benefit of the doubt.

Today was grocery shopping day.  I spent 2 1/2 hours in 2 stores.  Walmart was so packed today, you'd think there was a giveaway!  I tried to get everything and get out of there quick, but it was almost impossible.  I was able to get everything on my list except for the pads for my microdermabrasion system that I got a few months ago.  I went to Costco to pick up a few items and to put gas in my car.  I had a quarter of a tank of gas in my car, but I figured I'd go ahead and fill up the tank since I was going to be at Costco anyway.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I filled up the tank with just $27.40!  Just a few months ago, this same amount of gas would have cost over $45!  Gas has gone from almost $4 a gallon to $2.03 today, and I'm doing the happy dance!  Praise Jesus!  I finished my grocery shopping under budget too, even after buying a couple of pizzas at Little Caesar's (I was too hungry and tired to cook).  That made it an exceptional shopping trip.

My son R had his friends over while I was shopping, and they managed to get the computer working.  Just as I'd suspected, there was something that should have been connected that wasn't, and some other minor thing that I didn't understand.  I think he was tired and frustrated, and that's why he couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong.  A couple more pairs of eyes and he's a happy camper.

My daughter and I went to Target so I could pick up my microdermabrasion pads.  I wanted to look around at the makeup, but she quickly reminded me that I have plenty of makeup and didn't need anymore.  (Kill joy).  I did find a nail polish in a neutral beige color; it's almost the color of my skin, a milky matte tone that will look really pretty and go with everything.  It was under $2 so she didn't make a fuss.  I wanted to find something to help my nails not be so brittle, but I like to take my time and she wanted to get something to eat.  I suppose it's for the best.  I saved money, after all.

That's pretty much it for today.  I have to figure out what my son is going to do tomorrow, since he still needs 2 more hours of school to finish off the week.  It's a pain sometimes, getting 25 hours of school in for the week when he finishes his work in less time, but it's a requirement, and it's worth it to have him at home.  He's happier, I'm happier, and that's what matters.  Have a pleasant night ya'll.  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday

God has given me much to think about, courtesy of our women's bible study.  The book of Daniel is fascinating, but hearing it taught by Beth Moore is just plain mind-blowing!  I still have goose bumps!

My day started off slow.  My son had no live lessons today, so he was taking it nice and slow.  I had a list of things I wanted to take care of, but my focus was elsewhere.  I've got a stye on the lower lash line of my left eye, and it is driving me nuts!  It itches, but when I touch it, it hurts.  It's not extremely swollen, and since I wear glasses it isn't very noticeable.  But I notice it, because I feel it constantly, and it's annoying!  I tore the house apart looking for the ointment I'd bought awhile back, but it was nowhere to be found.  I decided, since today is Thursday, and this week is grocery shopping week, I'd just take myself over to Winn-Dixie, check out the sales, and pick up some medicine for my eye.  So that's what I did.  Thankfully, I was able to find the ointment.  Sadly, the sales weren't as easily found.  I was hoping they'd have some good meat sales, but there was nothing.  I got a large package of ground beef, then went back for a smaller one so that we could have tacos for lunch.  I did buy a few things we needed, but I'll have to figure out the menu for the next two weeks based mostly on what's in the freezer now.  That was a bummer.

E worked on music, leadership, and algebra.  We went over the algebra lesson after he watched the last two videos.  He's studying statistics now, which can be tricky.  When the teacher had taught the lesson, he was totally confused, but after hearing the videos it seemed like he was understanding the material.  I guess I was wrong.  He got a 70% on his test.  It was especially upsetting because there were only 10 questions, and he got 3 of them wrong.  All three were on the difference between the mean and the median, so that's what we're gonna have to go over again.  I'm really glad that there's online tutoring available, so he can go to the tutoring session and ask about these examples.  The resources available to homeschoolers is greater than what was available to him in public school.

My son R put the computer tower together, but for some reason it's not working.  It's off the dining room table for now, but he's gonna take it apart again and try to put it back together, which means my space will be taken over again.  He's so frustrated, because he doesn't know what he's doing wrong.  His buddy is coming over tomorrow to help him out.  I'm betting it's something really minor that he missed.  It usually works out that way.

So after school I showered and got ready for bible study.  I put on a pair of khaki green jeans, thinking it would be cold out again like it's been the past few nights, but it wasn't that cold at all.  From the forecasts it looks like our temperatures will be going up and down the next few days.  I had to be really careful with my makeup so I didn't irritate my eye more than it already is.  The ointment is helping but it's still sensitive.  All the ladies who came were on time - a pretty unusual feat!  The study today was on Daniel chapter 3, where Daniel's three friends are thrown into the fiery furnace.  When Beth Moore started comparing being thrown into the fire with our trials, and how God sometimes will deliver us from it, sometimes He'll deliver us through it, and sometimes He'll deliver us to Himself, I had to put my jacket on.  I was shivering!  At first I thought I was cold, but then I realized it was the teaching that had me trembling!  I took plenty of notes for my study this week.  At the end all we could say was, "Wow!"  Every woman there was feeling the same way.  It was a powerful study, with plenty to meditate on during the week.

What else happened today?  Oh yes - I ordered the Complexion Rescue, and the shade I settled on was...natural.  As pretty as the tan looks, it's too dark.  Not by a whole lot, but even a little bit isn't going to look right if it doesn't match the rest of me.  I ordered from Ulta with my discount coupon and reward points, so that the $29 tube ended up costing me $21.62, tax included (shipping is free for this product).  I'm really looking forward to adding this to my collection.  I love the way it looks and feels, and for a "no makeup" makeup look, it's perfect.

Well, it's just about time for bed.  I'll be praying for my poor eye to feel better tomorrow.  Have a blessed evening, and pleasant dreams.  Good night.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Middle of the Week

It's my goal to try and appreciate every day.  I don't like the whole "I hate Mondays" attitude that is so popular today.  I feel like every day is a gift, and we should enjoy each moment of every day.  Wednesdays are my challenge day in this respect.  I have to make it a point to look for the good in my busy Wednesday schedule.

I knew I had to be up early today.  My son had his first class at 9:30, and he doesn't move very quickly in the morning, so I had to make sure I got him up and running as quickly as possible.  He had a good morning of classes: music history, science, an hour to work on his science portfolio, and algebra.  Because today is Wednesday and we have church at night, I focused on him getting his time in, and getting as much work done as possible before it was time to get ready to go.  He managed to do his music reading, finished and sent in his science portfolio, and watched two of the four videos his algebra teacher assigned.  He was pretty confused during the class, but once he started watching the videos he seemed to get it.  The videos were more broken down and detailed.  Tomorrow he can finish the videos and take his first algebra quiz of the semester.  I'm sure he's excited.

Today I decided to try the Complexion Rescue sample in tan.  I figured it was probably too dark for my skin, but I wanted to see how it looked anyway.  Well, it looks amazing!  I had a nice, healthy glow to my skin without having to put on any other product.  I'm confused now - do I go with natural, which is a perfect color match for my skin, or do I pick tan instead, for that JLo glow?  I'm gonna have to try the natural again tomorrow, this time with nothing else on, and decide which I like best.  I didn't think it was gonna be this hard!

I made fried chicken for lunch and dinner.  I love fried chicken, but I hate the mess.  Thankfully I was able to keep it all under control.  After lunch I showered and washed my hair, then worked with E on his science portfolio for a bit before I put on makeup and fixed my hair.  It seemed like my day was rolling along well.

Awana went smoothly as well.  The girls in my group are wonderful, always prepared and always excited to learn.  The only part I didn't like was having to go outside.  Oh my word, it was cold out there!  Temperature-wise it wasn't cold; it was 64 degrees.  But the wind was blowing, and it was a chilly wind, too.  It made it feel lots colder than it actually was.  I was shivering!  My kids say they love it, but even my son E was shivering (he claims he likes to shiver; gimme a break).  We left on time today - usually we leave later because my son is hanging out with his friends, but today he wanted to get home early, which I was thankful for since I was freezing.  When we got home, we realized no one else was home.  That was strange; I thought for sure my oldest son R would be home from work.  We walked in, and the evidence of his coming home was all over my dining room table.  R has decided to build his own computer, and he's been purchasing the parts as he finds them.  Well, today was the day he chose to put his masterpiece together.  On the dining room table.  There's boxes and computer pieces all over the place.  I thought I might have a heart attack.  But then I remembered: be thankful.  For the good, the bad, and the ugly.  He'll finish putting this together, and it'll go in his bedroom where I won't have to see it.  It'll be okay.  Deep, calming breaths.

My daughter got home from work, then R got home a few minutes later.  He'd had to go back to work because he'd forgotten his phone.  Funny, when I was growing up no one had cell phones so no one missed them.  Now, you can't walk two feet inside your own house without the cell phone within arms reach.  My, but we've become dependent on those things!

I'm gonna wrap up this post.  I'm in a little corner of the dining room table, and my son has control of all the rest of the space.  Maybe it's best that I go to bed.  You know, before someone takes over that part of the house too.  It's been a good day.  A really good day.  Thank You Jesus.  Good night.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tackling Tuesday

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, would you be mine...I'm sure Mr. Rogers would have loved to be my neighbor on a beautiful day like today.  The high today was 69 degrees.  The sun was shining and the sky was the perfect shade of blue.  This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Living in South Florida means we don't get to be a part of the severe winter weather hitting the rest of the country.  And that's okay with me.  But it doesn't mean we don't get our share of cold.  Homes in South Florida aren't built for cold, or even cool, temperatures.  Our homes are built of concrete block and stucco.  They're made to hold in the coolness from the air conditioner.  There's very little insulation in our walls because for most of the year, we don't need it.  That means that whenever it's cold outside, it's even colder inside.  My house felt like an icebox today.  The windows were open so the air would circulate and the breeze would keep the house feeling nice.  I stepped outside a couple of times and it was warmer outside than in my home.  My hands were cold, my feet were cold, even my nose was freezing.  It was a reminder of why I love living in Florida, and why I would never want to live up north again.  Ever.

Both my son and daughter got up early today to get ready for work, which meant both bathrooms were occupied at the same time.  I could have gotten up and started breakfast, but it was cold in the house.  At least that's the excuse I'm using for having gotten up late.  E had his English class and collaboration at 10:00, so that's when his school day started.  It was nice to have that done and out of the way.  Afterwards he had his leadership class.  They went over one of his assignments for next week, so he's a bit ahead of the game.  He was able to get all the work for school done in 3 hours.  Thankfully we went for our evening exercise, which also counts for schoolwork.  One thing I'm also working on is finding a place where he can get CPR certified, since that's a requirement for his Hope class.  I found one city north of us that has the classes at the fire department, but I'm going to keep looking for something even closer.  I'm really glad he gets to learn CPR; it's one of those things you hope you'll never need but should always be prepared for.

I received my order of eyeliner pencils from Bare Minerals today.  I really like the colors, especially the green pencil.  The colors are not very pigmented, but that's fine for me.  I don't want anything that is too harsh or too bright; it doesn't work for me at this season of my life.  What I was really excited about was the samples of Complexion Rescue that were included with my order.  They sent 4 samples in 4 different colors: vanilla, natural, tan, and chestnut.  I didn't even look at chestnut - that one was clearly too dark for me.  Vanilla is probably too light, but my daughter wanted to try it out.  She uses a lighter shade than me in the liquid foundation.  She also needs something with a yellow undertone to offset the rosacea, and it looks like vanilla has that.  I tried both the natural and tan shades; tan is a bit darker but not so dark that I can't wear it.  Natural, however, looks perfect.  I put it on and found that it's light but also hydrating.  It feels really nice on my skin, and while it doesn't provide a whole lot of coverage, it does seem to be buildable.  It gave me light coverage which is what I need on days like today when I want something that I can put on quick.  I went ahead and added a little bronzer, and it went on smoothly.  I didn't put any blush or powder on; frankly, I didn't need it.  I'm gonna try tan tomorrow before I make my final decision.  I'm sure I want to use my 20% off coupon to get this wonderful tinted moisturizer, but I want to be absolutely sure of the color before I place my order.

Our running group was dressed warmly tonight; I myself was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie over a long sleeved shirt.  My son, on the other hand, wore a light hoodie and a t-shirt and insisted it was hot out.  And I thought I was supposed to be having hot flashes!  Anyway, we were out about an hour and a half.  It was fun, even when we walked past the cow pasture and "enjoyed" the smells (yuck).  All part of life in a small town.

That's it for today.  I'm gonna clean up the kitchen, then get ready for bed.  Goodnight ya'll.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday, Monday

The cold weather continues here in South Florida.  It didn't get above 67 degrees today.  (I can just imagine my sister's face as she reads this; it's 25 degrees in New York where she lives, and there is a snow blizzard coming through).  We should be having this kind of weather all week.

Today was the start of the second semester of homeschooling.  My son has a new teacher for his Hope class, and a new teacher in Algebra.  His previous algebra teacher is still his "official" teacher, but she has a new teacher that she tag-teams with to do live lessons.  It was a pretty easy day today; he had his Algebra lesson along with a couple of videos, music, Hope, and science.  Music and Hope were both intros, and science was a pretest which doesn't count towards his grade.  He did some reading as well.  We were sitting in the dining room going over his Hope lesson, when E says, "Oh look, it's raining."  I looked out the window but I thought he was joking.  It was kind of cloudy but I couldn't see any rain.  Then he said, "I think you should close the windows, Mom, it's raining."  I looked again but couldn't really see anything.  Then I got up and noticed that it was indeed drizzling, and the wind was picking up, so he and I went around closing windows.  We got done just in time - it started to downpour with a vengeance!  The wind was blowing hard, too; a couple of palm fronds came crashing down from being blown off the trees.  It lasted not more than 15 minutes, then stopped as quickly as it started.  Within a half hour the sun was out, the sky was baby blue and all the clouds were gone.  It did its job, though; it was cool and windy the rest of the day.

While my son watched his videos and did his live lesson, I folded laundry, tidied up the house, then made some spicy beef and black bean chili with cornbread.  Those types of hearty comfort foods are perfect on days like today!  E finished with his schoolwork at 3:30, and I took myself out to the jungle known as our backyard.  It doesn't take a whole lot of rain to get the yard overgrown.  I had cleaned up the garden area, but I hadn't had a chance to mow the lawn or get rid of some of the branches.  I didn't even think I'd get a chance to do it today, what with that sudden rainstorm, but everything dried up pretty quick.  The weather was perfect for being outside.  I cut up a few palm fronds and put them in the trash bin, then moved the remaining ones behind the shed.  After that I got to mowing, then sweeping up some of the leaves in the front yard.  All in all it took me 2 hours to get all the yardwork done, but it looks a thousand times better.  There's still some trimming that has to get done, but I was tired, dirty, and hungry.  Besides, two hours of cardio is enough exercise for this lady for one day :-).

I got myself cleaned up, then decided to give myself a manicure.  My nails grow, but they are so thin and fragile that they break constantly.  Even with me taking vitamins everyday, they still chip and break easily.  I'm thinking I have to look for something that will strengthen them good.  I've tried Sally Hansen but those products tend to make my nails brittle, which in turn makes them break even faster.  Maybe what I need is a nail oil or something.  I'm gonna have to look into that.  Anybody got any suggestions?

The day is just about done; well, not quite, it's only 8:30.  I've cleaned up and all, so I think I'll take it easy the rest of the evening.  Goodnight ya'll.  Pleasant dreams.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Simply Sunday

Today I did something I don't normally do.  Something completely out of character for me.  Today I went to church in pants.

I should clarify that I'm not against women wearing pants to church.  I don't believe that women wearing pants are any less spiritual than women in dresses or skirts.  I just prefer going to church in a dress.  It was ingrained in my head as a child that one should always look their absolute best when going to church because that's where you worship God, and God deserves our very best.  My best clothes are dresses and skirts; well, actually, most of my clothes are dresses and skirts.  I have a few capris that I wear around the house or to go exercise, and a couple of jeans that I wear when we go to concerts, but for the most part I wear dresses and skirts most everywhere.  Today, however, it was cold outside.  Fifty-two degrees with a cold breeze blowing.  I know, for the rest of the country that's summer weather, but when you've had temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80's and all of a sudden they drop down to the low 50's, you feel it.  When I let the dog out, I felt it for sure.  I'd looked through my clothes last night and had chosen a dress to wear, but I was not about to wear anything that didn't protect me from the cold.  Thankfully, I do have a couple pairs of dress pants left over from my work days.  These pants are probably 8 years old but they are my favorites.  A couple of years after I'd stopped working, I gave almost all my dress pants to Goodwill because they were sitting in my closet and never getting used.  Some didn't even fit me anymore, but most were just taking up space.  I kept two pairs of dress pants: a navy blue pair, and the ones I wore today.  They are a dark tan with a very light burgundy and gold pinstripe.  Both pants are neutrals, so I can wear them with anything, but most importantly, if I need to go somewhere dressy and it's cold out, I have something nice to wear.  I paired the pants with a brown long-sleeved button down shirt, and a beige argyle sweater over it.  I also wore a very, very old pair of brown pumps.  I've loved those shoes for years, but after wearing them today I realized I'd kept them way too long.  They were falling apart on the inside, making them extremely uncomfortable.  Once I got home, they went into the trash.  They weren't even good enough to donate.  It was a shame, since the rest of the outfit looked great.  Those shoes were a fail.

My makeup turned out so nice!  I decided to wear the new warm colors I'd gotten from Bare Minerals because they were neutrals, making them perfect for the outfit.  The colors were on point!  It was a very soft look, totally appropriate for daytime.  This could become my go to look for everyday.  It was that pretty.

Church service was absolutely beautiful.  Pastor spoke on the importance of prayer, then called up several people in our church who are sick, to anoint them with oil and pray over them.  One was a young girl who had been in my Awana group.  Today is her 13th birthday.  She has been battling leukemia since last summer.  The cancer is in remission, but she's still having to go through the treatment protocol.  She is doing her last chemo this month, then must go in for maintenance for several months.  We have been praying for her daily, and it was a joy to see her with her family in church today.  This child has been talking to her doctors, nurses, and other patients in the hospital about her faith and hope in Jesus.  She is such an inspiration!  We also prayed for one of the boy's Awana leaders who has terminal cancer.  This man loves The Lord and serves Him with such passion.  He is a great husband, wonderful father, devout's a privilege to pray for people like him.  There were many others that were prayed for, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was felt so strongly that I could not contain the tears.  When I think that this world holds over 7 billion people, yet God hears each and every one of our prayers, it fills my heart with such comfort and joy, that I cannot express it.  We serve an awesome God!

I started my study of Daniel for this week - chapter 2, the first 12 verses.  It's one of my favorite sections of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar's dream.  I've studied this before in church, but I'm really enjoying Beth Moore's breakdown.  She is such an incredible bible teacher!  Definitely my favorite Christian author.

Other than that, it's been a quiet sort of day.  I did a couple of loads of laundry; one is still in the dryer.  Tomorrow the new school semester starts up, so it'll be a busy day.  I am once again thankful that God has seen fit to allow me to homeschool my son.  I cannot thank Him enough for His unending love and grace.  God has been, and continues to be, so good to me.  How I wish the entire world would appreciate His goodness!

That's all for this installment of Life At My House ;-).  Have a blessed evening folks.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

How Quickly Things Change

Hello, and welcome to another installment of, "Where the heck am I?!"  Yesterday temperatures were in the low 80's, and I had the air conditioning on because it was so stuffy and humid out.  Today the morning started out cloudy; not just regular clouds, but big, ominous clouds that threatened rain, and lots of it.  I checked the weather channel, and sure enough, they promised lots of rain and thunderstorms.  We braced ourselves for what was to come.  It didn't.  We got a drizzle, with no thunder whatsoever, no even in the distance.  Then the temperatures started to drop.  The humidity was replaced by a chilly breeze.  Right now it's in the low 60's, and we might get into the upper 40's by tomorrow morning.  My kids say that Florida is the Bi-Polar State.  It can be hot and sunny one minute, cold and rainy the next.  It's amazing how quickly things can change.

Take me, for instance.  I felt awful yesterday; I spent the day doing absolutely nothing.  I had no energy and no desire to do a single thing.  This morning I got up feeling way better.  So much so, that I dusted the furniture, vacuumed and mopped the floors in the family room, dining room and kitchen.  I was on a roll!  It was like my battery had been recharged, and I could keep going, and going, and going...till my kid's father came over.  It's amazing how that man can drain all the happiness out of whatever place he steps into.  He was bringing some papers over, and I thought he was picking up E to spend the afternoon with him, but he about a half hour later.  I think he was wanting me to feed him, since he got here as I was whipping up some mashed potatoes.  Yeah, that wasn't going to happen.  It's like he still doesn't get it; we've been separated for 3+ years, and it hasn't been pleasant.  To this day he has not admitted that he's done anything wrong, or that he is sorry.  I'm not going to pretend it's okay, like his family has done.  What's wrong is wrong, and he's gonna have to face that reality, here on earth or before the Judgment throne.  For his sake, I hope he does it here.

I finished week one of my Beth Moore study, so now I'm kind of caught up with the class.  This study is different than any other video bible study I've done.  Usually we study the material, then watch the corresponding video and discuss it that week.  With the Daniel study, we watch the video first, then do the daily workbook assignments.  Since I'd missed the first week I had to get caught up.  I was there for week two's video, so now I can start doing the homework for it.  I have Sunday - Thursday to work on it, but Monday starts a new school semester, and Wednesday we have Awana, so I'm going to have to take that into account and make sure I do my workbook assignments in the mornings.  It's a really interesting study; I won't have any problem picking up the book and getting into it.

It's my turn to bring breakfast for my Sunday school class tomorrow, so I decided to bake a cake.  It's an applesauce spice cake, one of my favorites.  The house smells of cinnamon and nutmeg and absolute yumminess.  I won't frost it till tomorrow morning, but I did my hair today because I won't have time to do it in the morning.  Sunday mornings are busy enough; I don't want to have to get up at 5am just to blow dry my hair.  I'll still have to stop off at Winn-Dixie to buy rolls and probably some ham spread, so we can have a complete breakfast.  What, you don't consider rolls and cake to be a complete breakfast?  Don't worry, there'll be coffee too ;-).

It's Saturday, so I'm going to go exfoliate and moisturize my face so it's squeaky clean and beautiful for church tomorrow.  I like looking my best for worshiping my King.  Oh, I should mention, I've continued with my water drinking experiment.  My skin is most definitely more hydrated; I've always suffered from dry skin, but now I notice it's become more normal to dry.  Actually, my t-zone has become slightly oily, an oddity now that the humidity has gone down.  It might be hormonal, of course.  I'm going to keep drinking and increasing my water intake to see how my skin is affected.  Obviously I don't want oily skin either; no one wants break-outs at my age.  But it sure is nice not to have skin as dry as the desert either.  This is one change I'm enjoying.

So, that's it for today.  I'm hoping this change in the weather will last.  I'm hoping the change in my skin will be for the better.  Mostly, I hope the changes in my life will only improve me daily.  Good night folks.