Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Amazing Vacation Blessing

God is SOOOOO good! Since I stopped working in 2008, we haven't been able to take a vacation because the cost is simply not in the budget. We hoped to be able to do something this year, but with daughter A's school expenses, putting in new floors in the house, and the regular day-to-day unexpected spenditures, it didn't look like it would happen. I didn't worry about it, though. I was thankful to have enjoyed a week with my sister who came to visit in March, and if that was the only vacation we had I'd be satisfied.

Ah, but my God wants to bless me and bless me and bless me! My husband J told me he would have to cover for one of his co-workers who would be going on vacation. This co-worker lives in Central Florida. Since E isn't in school in the summer, I told him it would be nice if all of us could go, that way J wouldn't be alone and we could have a mini-vacation. J said he'd see what could be worked out. Sure enough, the second week of August we will be spending, not at a hotel but, at a RESORT directly across the street from Seaworld, paid for by my husband's company! Is that not totally AWESOME?!?! This resort has 3 swimming pools, spa, fitness room, video arcade, and the rooms are spectacular! We are soooo excited! My only sadness is that my oldest son won't be joining us; he has to work and we'll be gone for just over a week. My daughter will be joining us, though. Her classes end Aug 6 and we'll be in Orlando Aug 8. It'll be quality time we get to spend with our college girl, who has been telling me lately she misses us dreadfully.

Once again God has shown me how He blesses me even when I'm not expecting Him to. Trust me, this is no coincidence; it's a God-incident. I feel so undeserving, yet so grateful for His love and generosity. I thank my Lord and praise Him again and again.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
For His mercy endures forever.
- Psalm 136:1

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Kristi Lea said...

This is sooooo wonderful Arlene! I pray that you all will have just a wonderful and amazing time! I'm sorry you don't get to go as a complete family, but I pray you will be able to fully enjoy it none-the-less!

I think it's so funny that you will be gone the same week we will!