Friday, July 16, 2010

The Friday Five

I went through the Friday Five archives this week, because the questions on alien invasion are a little too "out there" for me (LOL). These I found to be more in keeping with my "style" (okay, I'm on a roll here):

1. What is your favorite piece of clothing and how does it make you feel?
I have some really cool skirts, A-line which are my favorite, and one in particular is a taupe color with peach, melon, and brown polka dots. It's a fun skirt I picked up really cheap at Marshalls. Right now it makes me feel super thin, since it's about 2 sizes too big on me after my weight loss.

2. What was the most expensive article of clothing you ever bought?
Probably something for a wedding that I wore once or twice. I'll never do that again. Too wasteful, IMO.

3. What is a current fashion trend you think looks horrible?
Jeans that hang down so low there's underwear showing (if there's any being worn to show). Why would anyone think this is attractive?!?!

4. What decade do you think had the best clothes?
I guess I'm a bit partial to the '80's clothing, since that's what I wore as a teenager. I absolutely hate '60's hippie and '70's disco outfits. I like color, but not loud designs.

5. If your friends/family could throw away a single piece of your clothing, which do you think it would be and why?
I've never had anyone tell me an article of my clothing was offensive! If anything, I think they might toss my shoes because I buy most of them at Payless and my hubby's family says Payless shoes make feet stink. I don't seem to have this problem but it bothers my m-i-l and her sisters, so I'd say probably that.

Hope my answers provided some insight, or laughter, or something more than a yawn! Have a fun Friday and a blessed weekend.

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Kristi Lea said...

I did get a good chuckle, thank you! We always say that clothing styles went OUT OF STYLE for a reason, and they should NEVER be brought back! That's not the case though. A few years ago, the 70's were back, and now there are 80's clothing all over the stores!

Mike had a couple shirts I wanted to throw away so badly, but he would never let me. Thankfully, he can't keep from wearing anything to work, so they finally got destroyed and I was able to justify throwing them away! They were hideous!