Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friday Five

Back to the Friday Five again. A nice variety of questions this week.

1. Which of your country's leaders (past or present) would you like to have a chance to sit down and talk to?
George Washington. What a period in history to have lived through, and what an adventure to be the new nation's first president. Was he scared? How strong was his faith? What kind of challenges did he face? I can't imagine a more exciting time.

2. What job would you never want to have to do?
Pest extermination. Rats and mice in particular. Just the thought of it makes me shiver.

3. How many kids do you have and what are their ages? If you don't have kids, do you think you want any down the road? If so, how many?
I have 3 wonderful blessings: a son who is 23 years old, a daughter who is 20 years old, and my youngest son is 10 years old. Each of them is precious. If I could have more I would. Maybe we can adopt one day, if the Lord sees fit.

4. Did you have a "blankie" or a favorite stuffed animal? What is it/what does it look like?
My mom says I had a blankie with lots of frills along the edge, but I don't remember it. I do remember a squeeze poodle I had, which was about 12" tall, that I loved very much. Don't know what ever happened to it, either.

5. What is your favorite flower?
I love all kinds of flowers, but my favorites have always been roses.

What about you? I'd love to read your Friday 5's! Hope everyone has a pleasant and enjoyable weekend. God bless.


Kristi Lea said...

My mom made me a beautiful teal silk blanket with white lace edges when I was little. It had my name on it towards the bottom, wrote in black permanent marker. I still have it to this day in a drawer, and it's always been my favorite! Though very worn now, it holds great memories of how much my mother always has, and always will, LOVE ME!

Laryssa said...

Most of those toys were thrown out by your father in one of his moments where he was asserting his power as "man of the house". I have only one word to say about that but I can't because it would have to be bleeped out. ;-)