Saturday, July 10, 2010

Patio Makeover

Finally, the rain stopped long enough so I can post some pictures of my patio makeover! It seemed like everytime I made some progress we'd get a storm and I couldn't continue working outdoors. We had the remnants of Hurricane Alex come through, and just as I was trying to finish spray painting the furniture, it would pour for hours and I couldn't get anything done. The last 3 days have been dry, though, so I've been able to set everything up.

The furniture we had was an outdoor dining table with 4 chairs, two of which swivel. The paint had gotten old, chipped and stained. I spray painted it all a chocolate brown, giving it a more rustic look. The cushions I got at Big Lots. I didn't want to pay the $24 each, but similar cushions at Home Depot were going for $40 - $55, and the ones at Walmart were $30 and just plain ugly. I like the look of these, the colors are pretty and it makes the chairs look even more cheerful. The tablecloth I also found at Big Lots. The color matches the chairs, and at $3.50 the price can't be beat.

Even though I didn't buy the cushions at Home Depot, I'm glad I went there. It was just before July 4th weekend, and they had a sale at our local store that apparently wasn't at any other store in the area, since the sale was not listed in any of the circulars. A four piece patio furniture set by Martha Stewart Living that had been reduced from $399 to $199, was on sale for $99. I couldn't believe it! Take a look at the set below. It brought the love seat, 2 chairs, coffee table, and all the cushions shown. It was a steal! Even J couldn't believe it - he said we'd be better off trashing the old set and just keeping the new one, but our patio is large enough for all the furniture. I put a large plant behind the love seat, and the branches peeking out behind it are a nice touch.

This bench and folding table were in the backyard as well. I'd bought them over a year ago. The bench was originally black and the table was grey. The paint on the bench was peeling pretty badly, and although it gave it a distressed look, the color didn't work with the rest of the furniture, so I spray painted both pieces same as the dining set. These are set between two palm trees. I like the look a whole lot. Just needs a plant for the little table.

Here's a view from the bench towards the house.

This view is from the other corner of the patio. I love the fact that the colors of all the cushions match perfectly. The Martha Stewart cushions are an olivy green with brown trim, colors that are in the dining chair cushions along with other shades of yellow and green. I also love the brick planter next to the furniture. It gives it a homey vibe, almost like a flowery fireplace.

The last thing I need to do, is hang a large metal star I found at Big Lots that have all the same colors as the cushions. I just can't get a nail into the stucco wall! J lent out our drill so I'm gonna have to wait or find another alternative to hang up my wall decor, then the patio will be done. I'm so glad this area is done. Now we just need some cooler, drier weather so we can enjoy Florida outdoor living!

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Laryssa said...

Wow! What a change to what it was before!! It looks really nice.