Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Health-Wise Wednesdays

Here's the difference between eating a healthy, nutritious diet and eating whatever is available on the road: When we got back from vacation, I weighed myself and found I'd gone from 132.8 lbs. to 135 lbs. I was a little surprised, because even though I knew I was eating alot of high sodium, high fat foods I was also walking ALOT. We'd spend on average about 10 hours a day on foot either walking or swimming or doing some kind of physical activity. I drank plenty of water because it was very hot and humid, too. Still, I managed to put on just over 2 lbs. I wasn't upset about it, though. After all, 2 lbs isn't the end of the world, and I had lost extra weight to compensate, so 135 lbs. is just fine for me.

This past week I've eaten over my calorie count most days, and obviously I haven't been walking as much though I've had lots of errands to run and things to get caught up. Yet this morning I was very shocked to find my weight down to 131.8 - actually less than it was when we left on vacation! I did a double take, then thought about it and realized I was eating more home cooked food and much less sodium. It makes a huge difference! My body may have gone into shock with all the changes, but hopefully it'll get back to normal soon and I'll be able to maintain my weight between 133 and 135 lbs.

I don't want to lose more weight, but I am thankful that I'm learning to eat foods that are good for me. It's taught me some important lessons. First off, it's never too late to start eating right. Second, our bodies crave good eats and are happier when we eat right. And third, it is possible to enjoy vacation without totally overdoing it. Yay, I'm back on track!


Laryssa said...

All that walking did help you not to gain weight. So you were right in thinking that even though you weren't eating healthy, the walking would keep you at your regular weight.

When you go from low sodium to high sodium, your body begins to retain most of the water you drink in order to compensate for all the salt. Therefore, when you go from high sodium to low sodium, the body releases the excess water. So a weight loss of 2+ pounds in a matter of days is common because you're getting rid of water. That means that your weight gain wasn't food or fat or calorie related, it was water retention.

Kristi Lea said...

I'm too embarassed to say what I gained on vacation! I knew I was going to gain, because we ate and ate some horrible foods while we were gone. I'm just thankful that we spent so much time in the pool, or my gain would of been just horribly tremendous! I know all that swimming burned A LOT of calories. It's rediculous that I eat enough junk to gain wait even though I exercised so much. But, I'm not worried about it. I will lose it again, and we had a WONDERFUL TIME! Plus, we are broke now and won't have to worry about fast food for a long time! lol