Thursday, August 19, 2010

Open House Tour - Living Rooms

Here finally is the post for this week's tour - the living room. Actually, I had trouble deciding which to post - the living room according to the architectural plans, or the room where we do all our "living". It's like this: we have both a formal living room, and a family room. The family room should really be called the living room, and the living room should be called...

I know, I'll show you one step at a time.

This is the family room. It's directly behind and open to the kitchen. This is where we do most of our living. Take a good look - it's usually not this neat and tidy. I had to chase my kids out just so I could vacuum the rug and clear all the clutter before I took the picture. Typically the coffee table is filled with books, toys, games, snacks, and that's just my son E's stuff. We watch movies here on our enormous 10 year old TV. Back when we purchased it, it was the latest and greatest piece of electronics on the market; today it's just a big white elephant. My husband J wanted to get rid of it and buy a flat screen tv with HD and all the bells and whistles, but I pointed out there's nothing wrong with this set. Yes, it's out of style, but so long as it works I don't see the need to spend money on a new television set. Thankfully he agreed.

This is what you see from the kitchen. I love love love those recliners - they are so comfortable! The sliding glass doors lead to the patio and backyard. The wood floors were put in just this year and I love them because they're so easy to keep clean. What a blessing! I was tired of cleaning tile grout!

This is from behind one of the recliners. It's a straight view to the kitchen, the other part of the house that we mostly live in. I guess it's a good idea to have the family room next to the kitchen instead of the dining room - it keeps me close to the family while I'm cooking or cleaning up.

Now for the room known as the "formal living room." This is the view walking in the front door. I've had these sofas, tables and lamps for 11 1/2 years, and they look like new. That's because this room isn't used for "living" as the name implies. It's used for reading. My oldest son and I especially like to read here, because the room is bright, and since it's separate from the family area it's also pretty quiet. I like sitting or lying down on the large sofa with a cool drink and a good book. It's a much better use of the space if you ask me.

This is the opposite view. See that lovely cross over the front door? I got it at Kohl's for $9. It's wrought iron which I absolutely love. The area rug I got after I'd had the furniture for 6 years. I could never find a rug with the right colors for the furniture. I tried every store I could think of, with no success. Then one day I was at Lowe's buying something else, and I spotted this rug. I couldn't believe it: after so much searching, I found the perfect rug at a home improvement store. Go figure.

My brother in law built this cabinet for us. He's been doing woodwork for as long as I've known him. This is actually covered in formica which was picked to match the dining room furniture (back when light colored wood was in vogue). I keep my favorite books on the bottom shelf. A few of my hubby's work awards are displayed here, along with pictures and items I've had for years. I'm always looking for items that catch my eye to decorate my home with.

Behind the loveseat is my "artwork". Basically it's pictures of my family. They aren't my works of art, they are God's. That's why it brings me such joy to display them.

Thank you for coming to visit my home. It's always a pleasure to have company over!

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Tracy said...

Your home is beautiful!! I especially love how light it is...that must be great for reading!!

Gen said...

you have a lovely, bright and open home, tyfs!

mom2manyblessings said...

Beautiful rooms. I love the cross over your door. We have one over our door too...I meant to take a pic of it and forgot. It's one that my husbands grandfather made out of brass. I should go back and snap a pic of it and update my post.