Monday, August 23, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, August 24, 2010...

Outside my's still soggy and wet from yesterday's thunderstorms, and the skies give the impression it'll happen again today. We haven't had so many thunderstorms in a row for some time; I wonder how much longer this will last.

I am thinking...and praying about my brother. He was just taken to the emergency room after passing out three times this morning. Please lift him up in prayer. He's 41 years old.

I am children are getting an education.

I am wash some more laundry. Then I'm going to clean bathrooms. Then I'm gonna start lunch. Then I'm going to pick up my cousin's daughter from pre-k and take her to her grandma's. And that's just the morning. Yeah, I have a busy day ahead.

I am wearing...a navy blue t-shirt with the American flag on it, jean bermuda shorts, and flip flops.

I am remembering...Hurricane Andrew. It hit this week back in 1992. That was a bad one.

I am currently...working on Christmas scrapbooking pages. You know the Christmas cards with family pictures on them? They are great for scrapbooks.

I am reading...the minor prophets for morning devotions. I'm on Zecharias now.

I am see if I get an extension on my unemployment benefits. If it's God's will, then the answer is yes.

On my mind...all the stuff that needs to get done around the house, and my busy schedule.

From the learning rooms...E says his teacher is very strict. That's just after the first day. We'll give her a chance and see how the month progresses.

From the kitchen today...spaghetti and meatballs. Homemade marinara sauce, and homemade meatballs, not that packaged stuff. Mmm.

Around the much needs to get done, and so little time to do it with all the errands I need to do. Oh well, one step at a time.

One of my favorite I want another one, please.

A few plans for the rest of the week...library today if it doesn't rain. Awana starts tomorrow, and Cub Scouts on Thursday. I'll be picking up my cousin's daughter from pre-k for the next 2 weeks so I have to schedule that in too. Lots to do.

Here's a picture thought I'm daughter got to sing again in church this Sunday. She sang Beautiful Ending by BarlowGirl. She got lots of compliments. My heart swelled with joy and my eyes swelled with tears.

Wanna join in the fun? Visit Peggy at the Simple Woman's Daybook. Have a blessed week.


Kristi Lea said...

I'm going with spagetti today as well! I'll be craving the garlic bread all day today!

Addy hurt her eye yesterday and it's still red and hurts her to open it. She woke me up all through the night, and we are both tired. Please pray that it will heal and get better. I really don't want to have to take her to the ER. I'm hoping it will get better as the day goes on and we can both take a nap this afternoon!

I hope you have a great day and get much accomplished! I'm thinking about starting some Chrismas scrapbooking before too long. I think I'm going to get out the fall flowers first though, so I don't feel like I'm out of order! lol

Love Bears All Things said...

Yum! I would love to drop by for that meal...Its Tuesday and I'm praying all went well for your brother.
We've had quite a few thunderstorms lately in the afternoon which just raises the humidity...I would love to see some of your scrapbook layouts..I am always looking for ideas.
Mama Bear