Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation 2010 - SeaWorld, Part 2

Each time I go back to these pictures it brings a big smile to my face. What a great time of fun and learning! I enjoyed all the different things to see and do and SeaWorld, even if it's just taking cheesy pictures of your kids with Shamu:

Or looking up at a ride that goes waaay up into the cloud ridden sky:

But let's face it: The thing to do at SeaWorld is look at the fish!

My favorites were the manatees (which, by the way, are not fish, they're mammals). They are found here in Florida though they're endangered. My son was amazed to find the reason for that is because of people. Boaters aren't always careful, and the waters get full of fishing line or trash. Other times the boats hit these precious creatures and cause major damage. SeaWorld rescues manatees and tries to get them back into the wild. We were very impressed with the information we learned.

Did you know seamen used to see manatees in the water and think they were mermaids? Incredible!

One thing I love about sting-rays: their faces look like they're smiling at you!

Of course my son's favorite part were the sharks. We went to the Shark Encounter area first, and almost had to drag him out of there! He was just mesmerized at the different types of sharks and the fish that live among them without fear. They're dangerous, but also beautiful creatures.

He also liked the barracuda, but they are the meanest looking fish I've ever seen. They would actually come up to the glass and stare at the people with a menacing look. I'd hate to run into one of those in the middle of the night!

Don't think that's all - there's lots more to come!


Kristi Lea said...

What fun! I love watching the animals! Our trip to the aquarium still brings a smile to my face.

podcastpatrick said...

I somehow came across your blog so I hope it's alright if I leave a comment. I, too, really enjoy going to SeaWorld. It looks like you had a great time.