Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My "New" Dining Room

I'm finally able to post some pictures of my "new" dining room. It's been so cloudy outside that all the pictures kept coming out dark. Even now they seem a bit dark, certainly darker than the room actually is, but I'm not complaining. The days have been cooler and breezy, which is just fine with me.

Okay, let's take a look at the before picture. I'd painted the dining room last year an apple green. It was pretty, but the paint I'd used was some left over from painting the bathroom 8 years before, so it wasn't the best looking paint. There wasn't enough paint for touch-ups either, so it wasn't the best paint job I'd done. Still, I enjoyed it for the time, as it made the dining room look cheery:

The problem now was that the green didn't work with the new accent walls in the living and dining room. Since our floor plan is open concept, all the colors need to work together. They don't have to match, but a cool green with a warm red? It wasn't working for me at all. So I decided to use some of the red in the dining room and bring the drama from the other rooms in here too. I brightened the rest of the walls with a very light maple color, and here's the result:

This is a better view. The accent wall against the curtains is gorgeous, and I love that the dining room looks so elegant. Now it's really a "formal" dining room.

I also wanted to draw some attention to my table centerpiece. The candleholders I got as a Christmas gift the last year I worked from one of the girls in our office. I found the candles at Kohl's for under $5 each, along with the pumpkin centerpiece which was $9.

My table, along with the rest of my home, is very ready for fall. I really like that the colors on the walls reflect my favorite season! Of course they'll work the rest of the year, but these colors make the home cozy and warm, and isn't that what we all want?


Kristi Lea said...

Yay! What a job that was, painting all those walls! It's so nice though, when it's all done isn't it?! I just love putting a new color onto the wall. Your house certainly does look cozy for fall!

Yaya Yarns said...

Beautiful and warm, just a s home should be.

I am trying to understand how you get so much done???

A Gracious Home said...

Your dining room is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Doylene