Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Quiz About Me

Big thanks to Heather at Acting Balanced for coming up with this fun blog hop.  There are four questions to answer, then I will give you a fifth question to answer here on my blog.  Are you ready?  Here we go:

1. How was your weekend?
It was pretty quiet, actually.  Which is just the way I like my weekends :)

2. What is your favorite kind of candy?
Anything with chocolate.  And peanut butter.  That's one of the greatest combinations in the world.

3. If I say the word 'high' what do you think?
How high?  Ain't no mountain high enough?  No, the word high makes me think, "For the LORD Most High is awesome; He is a great King over all the earth." (Psalm 47:2)

4. What are you most looking forward to about Autumn?
An end to this excessive humidity.  Maybe a breeze.  I know the temps won't go down but if it wasn't so humid it would be bearable.

And for my fifth question:

5. Do children in your area wear uniforms for school?
In my town all the kids from pre-k to high school must wear uniforms, even in the public schools.  My son wears a t-shirt or polo shirt in yellow or blue with the school emblem, and either navy blue or khaki pants.


Wayne W Smith said...

The kids here wear uniforms at most of the schools though both of my school age kids are going to places next year that do not.

Anonymous said...

It's up to schools here. My kids school does not require uniforms, but they have friends that go to the school down the street and they have to wear one.

Mrs. O said...

In NYC, almost all public elementary/grammar schools have uniforms, a few middle schools have uniforms and none of the high schools have uniforms.

Nani said...

I'm not really sure. We have some schools called academies, so I would think they wear uniforms there, but not having kids, I've never really paid attention to it.

The school closest to us has a huge parking lot and I can't see the school from our house, but it's a Catholic school so probably. I went to Catholic school from first to fourth grade and the absolute greatest thing when we moved was transitioning to public school and being able to wear "real clothes" to school. LOL

Jennifer said...

I think the only schools around here that require uniforms are the Catholic schools and private schools. Public schools seem to be every child for him/herself.