Monday, August 6, 2012

Move It Mondays

Good Monday morning to you all!  The word to describe this Monday morning in South Florida is dreary.  It's raining, has been raining, and will continue raining for most of the day.

When I awoke this morning I felt a little post nasal drip, but it wasn't until I opened the sliding glass door to let Molly out that the full effect of the allergy attack came on.  I'm sneezing quite a bit, my nose is runny and itchy, and if it doesn't improve I may need to take a Benadryl.  The non-drowsy meds on the market don't do a very good job for me; the effects wear off before I can take the next dose, but what's worse is that non-drowsy means I won't be able to sleep.  At.  All.  They are typically 24 hour doses and that's how long I'll be awake.  Benadryl makes me drowsy for a couple of hours or so, but it works, and since I've nowhere to go in this rainy weather it'll be worth the sleepiness.

I found out yesterday that August 20 is the first day of school.  That means E has 2 more weeks of "freedom" before he has to go back.  A lot needs to get done these next two weeks.  Thankfully my credit card month closes today.  I'll need to stock up on school supplies, and I have to check to see if his pants still fit him.  The boy is growing by leaps and bounds, and already one pair of jeans is too short on him.  I also plan on buying bowling shoes for him and for me.  I found some good deals on, so my daughter ordered a pair last week.  They arrived the next day (free shipping!) and the shoes are good quality and good fit.  Since I paid for the summer savers deal at our local bowling alley we can bowl two games per day everyday for free.  It'll be way cheaper to buy a pair of shoes for $33 than to rent them for $4.10 every time we go bowling.  We all enjoy bowling, it's good exercise, and on days like today it's nice to be able to have fun without worrying about the weather.

This is an important week for my daughter, and we're so excited for her!  Not only did she get the job at the orphanage (praise the Lord!) but she was also offered an internship at our old church.  She'd been praying about working in ministry long before she even started college.  It has been on her heart to use her talents to serve the Lord, and He has come through in a mighty way!  She'd asked about internships or volunteer work at our current church, but she wasn't getting anywhere.  There was nothing available, or she wasn't "qualified" (translation:  it's a man's position).  It was discouraging, but she didn't let obstacles keep her from believing God would provide.  Imagine her surprise when she was offered this internship which she didn't ask for!  Her youth pastor at our old church has always been the one she turns to for advise and guidance, and he's watched as she's grown from a teenager to a confident adult who loves the Lord.  When one of the office staff approached him about offering A the internship, his answer was, "Absolutely!"  We are so thankful for all God has done, and we are amazed as we look back and see how He orchestrated it all.  God is good, all of the time!

Now, what's in the schedule for this Monday for me?  Well, there's a london broil in the crock pot that cooked overnight, so our meals for today are pretty much taken care of.  My daughter and I gave the house a good cleaning on Saturday except for my bedroom; I think I'll tackle that today.  There's also laundry to be done.  And since we'll be indoors today, I think a board game should be included in the mix!  I'm finishing up my breakfast of one fried egg, two slices of bacon, a biscuit and coffee, so my day has begun on a good note even if the rain continues to fall.  Thank You Lord for this day, for the rain, for my family and for Your never-ending blessings.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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Kim said...

Congratulations to your daughter! I hope your allergy attack is over soon. I suffered for years until I discovered my trigger.