Monday, August 13, 2012

Move It Mondays

Good morning to all!  This is gonna be short, since the day has already started off on one of "those" notes.  I just found out my oldest son's car got towed last night and we'll have to go pick it up.  He was parked where he always parks when he goes to his friend's house, which apparently is a no-parking zone, and yesterday they decided to enforce the law.  So now I have to drive my son to pick up his car, after I make a deposit at the bank because J couldn't find the time to do it himself.

It's also time to do some back-to-school shopping.  Thankfully I had E check his pants and the ones I'd bought most recently still fit.  He needs a couple more pairs of pants, which I'll pick up at Target since their uniform pants are the best quality.  He also needs some sneakers.  J bought him a pair of Nike's that cost $120 and are white.  No way he's wearing that to school.  I need to get him something cheap that can get ruined in a month without hurting my pocketbook too badly.

The day may start on a sour note, but I'm still gonna sing praises to my Lord and Savior.  Have a blessed day everyone!

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