Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I think for my Thursday Thoughts post I'll give a recap of my day.

 - I got up early this morning and made a batch of buttermilk pancakes.  I love making those!  I love how easy they are, I love how good they smell when they're cooking, and I love how delicious they are.  It was a perfect start to my day.

 - I try to give my car a washing once a month, and since it was so clear outside I figured today's the day.  I brought the vacuum out, cleaned the inside of my car, cleaned the inside of my son's car, then washed them both (my daughter left for appointments early so she missed the free car wash).  It was SOOO hot out, and the mosquitoes were biting, but both cars look great.  I finished drying them and brought all the supplies in.  I was already outdoors so I decided I'd pick up some of the palm fronds that had fallen the last few days thanks to all the rain and wind.  When I finally came inside it was close to lunch time.  I washed my hands, threw a ham slice in the oven real quick, and jumped into the shower.

That's when I heard it.


God has a funny sense of humor.  He always sends rain when I wash the cars.  Only today He was just teasing me.  We've had thunder all day long, but not one drop of rain has fallen.  He makes me smile when He does things like that.

 - After my shower, I fixed my bed, cleaned the kitchen, threw a load of laundry in the washer, finished making lunch, put the clothes in the dryer...then the allergies started acting up.  They've been annoying me on and off for the past couple of days.  I can feel the post-nasal drip and my sinuses are sore.  Being outside most of the morning doesn't make matters any better.

 - My daughter came home and sat to chat with me, then I invited her to a game of Scrabble.  She beat the pants off me.  What made me think that playing Scrabble with an English major was a good idea?

 - My oldest son left for work shortly after lunch.  My daughter's gone to a friend's house.  My youngest is home with me, but I just took a Benadryl, so who knows how long I'll be functioning ;).  I hope you all have a pleasant evening and a good night's sleep.  God bless.

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