Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finding Storage Solutions

My kitchen is not a huge one.  It's a 10X13 U-shaped kitchen with a long peninsula that faces the family room.  It looks larger than it is because it's open to the family room.

One of the issues I have with my kitchen is the fact that there isn't enough storage space.  When we remodeled, J decided there were changes that needed to be made that I didn't agree with but he insisted would make the kitchen work better.  Interesting, since he never did anything in the kitchen other than get water.  The changes he made, like putting the trash in one of the lower cabinet spaces and putting lots of glass doors on the upper cabinets, caused me to lose even more cabinet space.  My temporary solution at the time was to put a small microwave cart at the entrance of the kitchen where I could keep my crock pots and cookbooks.

It was too small really, but I didn't know what I wanted there, and the space itself isn't that big.  Once the older kids moved out and hubby did as well, it didn't matter.  I no longer needed a whole lot of space for just me and my youngest son.  However, when the two older kids came back home with their stuff, and I found myself buying more food so they could take food with them to work as well as eat at home, I knew I'd have to find a way to add storage.  Problem, of course, would be doing it without spending much money :P.  My daughter came up with a solution that I'm actually quite pleased with.

My oldest son had bought this Closetmaid closet organizer to put his books in.  I can't fit the shelves and books in the house, so this was in the garage.  My daughter had the idea to put all the plastic containers from the pantry into these shelves, leaving more space for food and appliances in our small pantry.  My concern was having it open, which could look messy, but she did a great job of putting everything neatly so it looks attractive.  I'm so thankful to have a daughter that takes the initiative to find ways to be more organized!  Especially when it doesn't cost me a thing!


Barb said...

Hi Arlene!

What a beautiful kitchen - so neat and tidy! I love the storage ideas, I never seem to have enough room either. I love the fact that today, they make such lovely containers, (like the ones you have)that you don't have to hide them. I love having things where I can see them. I also love input from my children, in my case, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks! Love these ideas!


Mrs. O said...

It goes good together; not only does it match with the darker color of the counter but it doesn't blend into the wall like the other one did. I just got a bunch of containers so I can get a better handle on organizing my kitchen cabinets. I'm getting tired of seeing bags with clips on them, spilling all over the place!