Monday, September 3, 2012

Move It Mondays

Happy Labor Day folks!  It was nice to stay in bed an extra half hour since there's no school today.  My son is especially happy about that ;).  Poor little guy, though, his allergies have been acting up and he's got a drippy nose.  Benadryl helped him last night, but I think it's time for an extra dose.

For breakfast today, I made pancakes with sausages and bacon.  I'm gonna be making chicken this afternoon, enough so my daughter can take some to work and my son can have dinner before leaving for his job.  Unfortunately they both have to work today.

As for me, I have one load of laundry to fold, and I want to clean bed linens today.  I've slowly started putting out fall decorations, but when all the kids are home I keep the cleaning down to what's necessary so we can spend time together.  This weekend it's been mostly about helping my daughter with her project for church.  Now that that's over, I can focus on the boys.  I was thinking of washing cars today, but we'll see if E wants to do that or not.  He actually likes washing the cars, so for him it isn't a chore.  It needs to get done though, this week if possible.

We had an incredible service at church yesterday.  The founder of the Creation Studies Institute in Fort Lauderdale came to speak about creation, the theory of evolution and the lies being taught in schools, dinosaurs, fossils, and all kinds of interesting things.  E and I had been to the CSI Discovery Museum and we'd enjoyed it immensely.  I bought a DVD, Dragons or Dinosaurs? which we are gonna watch today.  Learning about creation is fascinating, and it gives us a deeper love for our Creator and all the beauty that He's made.

I hope everyone has a lovely Labor Day.  We might be getting some rain, like we did yesterday afternoon.  It was a quick shower, no lightning, but it did refresh the plants and grass.  Have a blessed week!

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