Monday, September 10, 2012

Move It Mondays

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope the weekend was a good one.  I had a pretty relaxing weekend.  Both my older kids worked on Saturday, and my youngest spent the day with his dad, so for a good chunk of the day I had the home to myself.  I used that time to watch some Poirot on Netflix :).  I love Agatha Christie's books, especially Poirot, so that was fun.  I also watched Witness for the Prosecution, an old murder mystery, and enjoyed it a lot!  We've been watching more and more Netflix and less network television because we hate some of the commercials on TV.  So annoying!  But last night we watched The Great American Bible Challenge with Jeff Foxworthy as host.  It was lots of fun!  The questions started off easy but they got harder as the game progressed, and it was cool to see if we could figure out the answers!

I actually don't have that much to do today, since I got pretty caught up on a lot of stuff on Saturday.  Laundry is as caught up as it's gonna get; there's less than a load of anything except towels, maybe I'll wash those.  I do need to make a run to Costco for detergent, but I might leave that for after lunch.  I found turkey cutlets at Publix which I intend to make with gravy and stuffing.  I like making healthy foods that the family will like, and we do like turkey, but my oh my it's pricey!  We'll have to wait till closer to Thanksgiving to get some good deals.  I wish I had a freezer to stock up when meats are on sale, but I've got no place to put one right now :P.  I have some items in the garage that need to get sold, and if that happens I can get a freezer and put it out there.

There's another thing I want to start doing, and that's Christmas shopping.  Oh, don't look so surprised; Christmas is only 3 months away, and if I can find some good deals now you better be sure I'll take advantage of them.  I always do my Christmas shopping early because I hate being in the stores in December.  Folks can get vicious.  I want to remember what it is I'm celebrating, not getting into fights over some video game that'll be forgotten just days after the wrapping paper comes off.

The weather might be improving slightly, though today it's pretty hot and muggy out.  There is a breeze, though, and now that the sun is rising later and setting earlier the days should start to cool down a tad.  I'm thankful that TS Leslie and Hurricane Michael pose no threat to the US, but we're not out of the woods yet. Today marks the peak of hurricane season, and September is known for being the busiest month in the Atlantic, so I'm keeping an eye on the storm activity.

I hope your week is a pleasant one.  Enjoy this Monday, it's a gift.

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