Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Signs of Fall

Here in South Florida, we don't get to enjoy some of the signs of fall that the rest of our nation see.  There are no leaves changing colors on palm trees, and the cooler weather won't be around till late October (or sometimes even later).  Baking may be nice for some, but when the temperatures are still in the 80s it's hard to justify warming up the kitchen.  What is one to do if autumn doesn't feel like autumn?  Improvise!

This is on my kitchen counter:

This is also on the kitchen counter, underneath the upper cabinets.  The inscription says, "For all these gifts we thank Thee, Lord."  It's a favorite of mine.

On the family room coffee table.

 My hurricane lamp.  I leave this out all year long because I love it so much.

The nice thing about this ceramic autumn store is that when it's turned over it's a winter scene, perfect for Christmas.  

Here's my little harvester, ready to go to work.

The centerpiece on my dining room table consists of two lamps which were given to me as a Christmas present, a hay and pumpkin piece that I got at Kohl's for $7.99, and a bronze colored charger that I got at Walmart for $2.  The tablecloth I've had for years as well, got it at Walmart on clearance for about $6.

Here's a wreath I made for the front door.  I bought the ring, which is made of branches painted gold.  Then I got the individual pieces to hot glue them on.  I saw a similar wreath at Walmart for $10.  I probably paid $5 - $6 for mine, and it's more personal because I made it myself to my taste.

I've had trouble with this swan planter, because nothing I plant in it survives.  Solution?  Fake flowers.  I got orange sunflowers which are perfect for fall and I'm guaranteed they won't die :).

I bought this lovely plant at Lowe's.  It's a false bird of paradise.  The plant in this particular planter had died, and I wanted something to put here since it's the first thing you see by the front door.  The fact that the flowers are orange is a bonus.

This, by the way, is what South Florida looks like in the early to mid fall.  Lots of rain and thunderstorms daily, with plenty of wind.  Once the tropics calm down and the rainstorms cease, the humidity goes down and the days are sweet and comfortable.  It can happen anytime from October to November, but with this having been such a brutal summer we're all hoping fall comes sooner rather than later.

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