Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, September 4, 2012...

Outside my window...the clouds are puffy white, and there's a breeze, but it's still pretty warm.  It'll be that way for a while yet.

I am thinking...of all the fall decorating ideas I have.

I am thankful for...the excellent sermon on Sunday about creation vs. evolution.  The founder of the Creation Studies Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Tom DeRosa, taught about some of the falsehoods taught in schools as fact and how creation itself points to an Almighty Creator.  It was very informative.

I am going...to take a shower after dinner, then do my nails.  My manicure got ruined yesterday after washing 3 cars.

I am wearing...a teal top, multi-colored skirt, and black flip-flops.  It's 88 degrees out but with 62% humidity and 73% dewpoint it feels like 96 degrees.  Still, the humidity and heat index are slightly lower than they've been for the past couple of months.  I think we're gonna be seeing a little relief soon.

I am noticing...darker mornings.  I'm typically up at 6:20am, and at 6:45 it's still dark out.  The sun is not coming up till after 7am.

In the kitchen...there's stuffed shells, garlic bread and avocado.  I know, the avocado seems out of place, but it's ripe and I'm not about to let it go to waste.

I am creating...a fall look in our home.  Seeing fall decor makes me hopeful that the weather will start to cool down.

I am wondering...if it's gonna rain.  My daughter says it poured at the church office which is only about 5 miles from our house.

I am reading...a new Nook book I downloaded, Knowing the Truth About Jesus the Messiah by John Ankerberg.  It looks at the prophetic scriptures in the Old Testament and shows how they apply to Jesus.  If you have a Nook, it's free and worth reading.

I am hoping...my son never outgrows his love of giving his mommy hugs.  I'm always a happy recipient.

I am looking forward to...getting my garage cleared out.  I'm trying to sell our old living room furniture, and I'd like to get more stuff out of there.

I am hearing...my son watching cartoons.  It's his way of relaxing when he gets home from school.

Around the house...I pulled out the fall decorations I have and put them out.  I love the oranges, reds and greens.  The warm colors of fall are my favorites.  I cleaned the guest bathroom today, and I'll do the master bath tomorrow.

A favorite quote of the day..."Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us." - Abraham Lincoln.  Sobering thought.

One of my favorite things...decorating the house for autumn.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Awana tomorrow, then after that no set plans.  We'll see where the Lord leads.

Wanna join in the fun?  Visit Peggy at the Simple Woman's Daybook.  God bless.

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Barb said...

Hi Arlene!

Wow, it sounds like Fall is in the air everywhere! I have noticed on the weather forecast, that our highs are in the 80's and high 70's this week.

I love all the warm colors of fall too!

Hugs NEVER get old!

We know who the Creator is... ;0)

I hate to admit it, but I like that the evenings are getting shorter. Maybe it's because it gives me more time to read in bed!

Love the quote . . . we could all stand to be a bit more humble . . . and a bit more prayerful.