Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Question Friday

It's getting late, and I don't want to wait till Saturday to do my Five Question Friday post!  You still have time - link up at Mama M's, My Little Life.

1. What terrifies you the most?
Rats.  I can deal with most critters, so long as they don't land on me or touch me.  But rats, I can't even see on television.  Matter of fact, I'm thinking about them now and I'm starting to shiver.

2. Favorite fall/winter drink?
Right now it's pumpkin spice tea.  I found it at our local Winn-Dixie, and it's delicious!

3. Do you and your spouse have the same political views?
My spouse and I aren't together, but yes, he basically would ask me how he should vote so it's safe to say we have the same political views.

4. What was the last book you read? Was it any good?
I recently finished reading Hurricanes in Paradise and enjoyed it very much.

5. Do you look forward to the snow each winter? Why or why not?
My kids always look forward to snow, and they've been disappointed every year.  I think the last time it snowed in South Florida was in the early 1970's, and I don't see it happening again anytime soon (watch us get flurries this year just to shut me up, LOL!).

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