Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Question Friday

Mama M is enjoying some fun time in Orlando, Florida (Disney World, yay!) so I got my five questions off of Pamela's blog, Troop Petrie.

1.  What snacks/drinks do you eat at the movies?
None.  I refuse to pay the astronomical prices for some popcorn and soda, especially since popcorn ends up messing with my digestive system and I don't drink soda anymore.  All the other stuff is so unhealthy I don't want to touch it.  We eat before going to the movies, and if it's an extra long movie, I'll bring some vanilla yogurt covered raisins with me.

2.  What's one food you refuse to try?
Mushrooms.  There's something about eating fungus that sounds unappetizing.

3.  What's your favorite nail polish color?
I like pinks, reds, and bronzes.  I totally dislike blue, green, orange, all the wild colors that are in style now.  I must be getting old.

4.  What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Watching Miracle on 34th Street.  To me it kicks off the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving Day and the Macy's Parade and ending on Christmas Day.  It's such a heartwarming movie too.

5.  What are your least favorite words in the English language?
Two words I can't stand to hear my children say to me:  "Yeah, but..."  Their insistence on contradicting my instructions irritates me to no end.

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