Friday, November 9, 2012

Five Question Friday

My allergies have been bugging me as of late, so I took a Benadryl a little while ago.  It's making me sleepy, so I'm gonna go ahead and get my Five Question Friday post done before I conk out.  You can too - just hop on over to Mama M's at My Little Life.

1. If you had c-section do you wish you would have had vaginal? Or vice versa?
I had 3 c-sections, and I wish I could have had all vaginal.  Recovery time with c-sections is murder.  I didn't dilate so after 15 hours of contractions they went ahead and cut me open.  I was totally bummed.

2. If vaginal did you go drug free?
Three c-sections, the first two I was put under, the third I had an epidural.

3. Did you have any complications?
With my last pregnancy I had placenta previa so it was a delicate situation, but thank God nothing serious happened.

4. Who was in the delivery room with you?
For the first two, no one.  They were emergency c-sections and no one was allowed in the OR.  For the third c-section my husband was in the room.

5. Did you document your labor and delivery? (Photos, videos, etc.)
I refused to have pictures taken of me during labor (let's face it, women don't look or feel their best at that time).  Since no one was in the delivery room with me for the first two I have no pictures of those deliveries either.  I do have pictures of the third.

6. Pick the birth story of one of your children and tell us ALLLLLLLL about it!
Okay, well, I'll try to make this a quick recap.  My oldest son was born on his due date.  I had just stopped working on Wednesday, and my water broke early Friday morning, about 2 am.  The amniotic fluid was gushing, to the point that I arrived at the hospital and soaked the entry floor.  I was so embarrassed!  I was taken upstairs and put in a bed with a monitor on my belly.  It was uncomfortable, and I was in pain, and when I was checked I was at 2 centimeters, which told me this was gonna take a long time.  And it did.  My son wasn't born till 5:01pm.  I wasn't allowed to walk around to help my contractions because my water had broken.  I couldn't move around much because of the monitors.  To help with the pain I was given Demerol, which made me feel so light-headed I couldn't open my eyes but I still felt the contractions.  It was so uncomfortable, and felt so unproductive.  If I'd known then what I know now, I'd have opted for a home birth!  Of course once I woke up (still in pain and unable to move) and saw my gorgeous son, I forgot about the whole ordeal.  He was worth every minute of it.

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