Friday, November 2, 2012

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun

It's Friday, time for my very challenging fill-in post courtesy of Hilary at Feeling Beachie.  Seems these fill-ins get tougher every week.  Can I do it?

1. Growing up _____
Growing up in New York was no fun for me.  I would have preferred the country to the city.

2. Wouldn’t ____ be wonderful?
Wouldn't snow in South Florida be wonderful?  My kids would give that a resounding YES.

3. If I hadn’t _____, then I never would have _____.
If I hadn't moved to Florida, then I never would have learned to drive.  That's one benefit of NY - plenty of public transportation.

4. When I _____, I like to _____.
When I shop, I like to go early to avoid the crowds.  This is especially true when it comes to Christmas shopping.


Susi said...

I hear you on #4... early shopping is so much easier. the crowds don't seem to come until later in the day. I miss public transportation... we used it all the time in Germany. Here you are lost without a car. have a good weekend.

Jan said...

Yes it is a good idea to learn to drive.
We are fortunate in our country town that there is no hurry to shop and we always meet people we know.
Love and Blessings