Monday, November 5, 2012

Move It Mondays

Happy start of the week!  It felt nice to get an extra hour's sleep, courtesy of Daylight Savings Time having ended yesterday.  I'm currently fixing breakfast, and I have a full day ahead of me, but I'm wondering how it's gonna play out.  See, I have to take my car to the dealership because my radio died on Friday.  Just stopped working.  And with my new Wow CD in the cd player!  That needs to get taken care of right away!  I just don't know how long I'll be there.  I'm hoping the problem is minimal, like something got loose and just needs tightening.

On the menu today is pasta with meat sauce.  The meat sauce is already made, so it's just a matter of cooking the pasta and heating up the sauce.  There's cleaning to be done, as usual, and my son E and I have to work on his science project.

Much to do this first Monday in November!  Have a blessed day.

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