Friday, December 7, 2012

Five Question Friday

It's Friday!  Yay!!  It means I don't have to get up early tomorrow morning ;).  It also means it's time for Five Question Friday, courtesy of Mama M at My Little Life.

1. How many times have you moved and do you have any tips?
Not counting childhood, it's been...7 times.  When stayed very little time in the apartments we rented.  Once we bought our condo we stayed put for 5 years until we bought our current house.  We've been here 12 1/2 years.

2. Do you have a budget for the holidays, or just keep sliding the credit card and have a heart attack in Jan?
I made it a point not to use the credit card for Christmas purchases.  This is something the Lord has laid on my heart, to stop using the credit card altogether.  It's a process; I used to charge pretty much everything on my card then pay the full amount when the bill was due.  I realized I was spending way too much money that way.  Now I use the card for groceries and gas only.  So I had to have a budget for presents, or else I'd be bankrupt.

3. What is the one medical thing you avoid like the plague?
Diabetes.  It runs in my family, so I do whatever I can to eat right and stay in shape so as to avoid it.  (This is said as I suck on a candy cane).

4. What your least favorite Christmas song?
Baby It's Cold Outside.  For one, it has nothing to do with Christmas.  Secondly, if any guy said to my daughter the things that guy says in the song to his girl, I'd spend Christmas in jail.

5. This Christmas are you spending more, less or about the same? Why?
I've definitely spent less this year.  I love giving gifts, but I also realize this holiday has become all about getting.  We've allowed Christ to be an insignificant part instead of the whole reason for the Christmas holiday.  I want to take the focus away from the gift and put it where it belongs, on The Giver of life.

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HeY J said...

Great answer to #2 & #3
I had never thought about the lyrics to that song you are so right ewww. I would spend on credit cards only the online stuff and then use tax return to pay the cards off now I no longer have cards so I will be cutting back on spending. Thanks for the perfect comment on my blog. Blessings to you Arlene ^,^