Monday, December 3, 2012

Move It Mondays

Happy 1st Monday in December!  Can you believe it, this year is quickly coming to an end!  For those of you expecting the world to end on the 21st it may not be a happy time, but for those of us who believe Christ will come as a thief in the night with no forewarning, it's the greatest month of the year!  At our house it's even more special - not only are we celebrating the Lord's birthday, but mine, my daughter and my youngest son's.  It's always festive for us this time of year!

I got up this morning and had a pumpkin spice Eggo, bacon and coffee breakfast.  After dropping my son off at school I came home to get my daughter so we could go grocery shopping.  I needed to get a hair appointment but I couldn't find the girl's number, so I figured I'd call after I got home.  As I was driving to Walmart my daughter was checking out Facebook and said, "My hair salon has an event this week - bring in a brand new unwrapped toy and get a free haircut."  Now, my daughter goes to one of these upscale salons that charge $65 for a haircut and blow-dry, so I never go there to get my hair done.  I go to a place next to our Winn-Dixie, get the $30 shampoo and cut, then come home and blow-dry it myself.  When I heard this deal, though, I got super excited!  I know where the special clearance aisle is at Walmart, and they put some really neat stuff there at great prices - like the Sorry Sliders Cars 2 Edition board game I got for $11.50!  That's the game I'm taking to the hair place tomorrow to get my free shampoo and wash!  Blow drying would be an additional $35+ so I'll still be drying my own hair, but who cares?!  I'm getting a high end haircut for $11.50, so I know I can't go wrong.  That there is a blessing from heaven!

Lunch/dinner today is jambalaya which I made in the crock pot.  It's nice and spicy and oh so delicious!  After lunch I went to finish grocery shopping.  I get my canned and dry goods primarily at Walmart, but deli meats and cheeses I get from Publix (along with some gift cards to stuff in my kids' stockings) and meats I get from Winn-Dixie.  Of course I didn't need meat this week since I doubled up last week, but I went to Winn-Dixie for salad fixings and rice.  That's another thing I don't get at Walmart - produce.  It never looks as good as the produce at Publix or Winn-Dixie.  I think the Walmart produce is over-priced; the fruits and veggies are small and don't look nearly as fresh.  The salads go bad faster too.  It doesn't pay to save a few pennies if it'll get thrown out later on.

Well, Molly's been fed, E is watching some cartoons on his computer before starting his homework, and I'm munching on an apple.  I think I'll watch a Christmas movie with dinner again tonight.  I've watched just about all the Christmas movies on Netflix, and now I'm going through my own library of Christmas DVD's.  Some people think Christmas movies are cheesy, but they are my all-time favorites!

Have a fun filled rest of your Monday everyone!

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