Monday, December 10, 2012

Move It Mondays

It's closer to the end of the day than the beginning, but I've been moving quite a bit despite not feeling well.  My stomach has been upset since yesterday, and actually kept me awake from 4am on.  I had to go grocery shopping though, so I drank some bicarbonate of soda and ran my errands.  I was able to accomplish much, and for that I'm thankful.

Have you started watching any cheesy Christmas movies?  I rarely watch network television these days, but I don't mind tuning in to a few Lifetime or Hallmark movies during the most wonderful time of the year.  Either that, or a DVD.  It can be a movie or a cartoon, I love both equally.  

Breakfast this morning was my new standard, pumpkin spice Eggo's.  Incredibly enough they are still easily found in stores.  I didn't think they'd be around this far into the Christmas season, but hey, I'm not complaining. :)  For lunch and dinner, we had fried chicken, stuffing, corn on the cob and salad.  I really should have thought that one better; I repeated that fried chicken so many times the very smell of it became repulsive.  It was delicious when I first ate it.  It was not good the second (or third) time around.

So, do ya wanna know something special about this week?  It's my birthday this Friday.  I will be turning 29 for the 20th time ;).  It's also my sweet brother-in-law's birthday.  He is one day older than me.  Since my daughter gets Thursdays off we decided we'd celebrate my birthday on my brother-in-law's birthday and go out for a late lunch.  Or early dinner.  Depends on your perspective.  Friday, my actual birthday, is our church's Christmas concert, so I get to hear my favorite kind of music - Christmas worship music - on my birthday.  Isn't that a wonderful blessing?

I'm looking forward to some fun this week.  Hope you have fun too!

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