Monday, December 17, 2012

Move It Mondays

Happy Monday y'all!  It's the last week of school before winter recess - boy has the time gone by fast!  Not fast enough for my son, though; he'd like school to be over already!  He has several exams this week that he's been studying for, and it puts some serious pressure on a kid.  He's looking forward to the time off more than anyone else here.

I've been pretty busy preparing the house for a going away party this Thursday.  Friends of ours from church are moving to Sweden next week and we volunteered our home, since our yard is large enough to hold a big group.  It's sad for us, especially for my daughter, because she was just getting close to this sweet young lady.  She found out that, not only are they moving to another country, but they're leaving on her birthday.  She was pretty heartbroken about it, which is why this party is even more important to her.

Having people over means lots of cleaning and fixing up to do.  I cleared out a bunch of branches from the backyard.  It's possible the grass will have to be cut before Thursday, but I'm waiting to see.  There's lots of weeds back there, more than I care to look at.  Inside I've cleaned the family room and the dining room, but from here till Thursday there will have to be plenty more done.  What's most upsetting to me is getting everything cleaned up only to find that within a day the floors are filled with dog hair again.  Honestly, I don't know why this dog isn't bald.  The way she sheds, I could have contributed to Doggy Locks for Love and donated to several hairless dogs.

We had fish tacos for lunch.  I'm just gonna have a sandwich for dinner, and the rest will have something quick and easy as well.  The oven is gonna be used for baking very shortly; it's time for me to get those cakes in the oven for our neighbors.  I don't deliver them all at once.  I typically bake a couple and deliver those, then bake a couple more and take them, etc.  That way I don't have to worry about ants invading my home because of all the goodies.  They can take over very quickly.

I did some grocery shopping this afternoon before picking up my son from school.  I made a 2 week menu plan so that I don't have to go grocery shopping next week.  I want to spend as much time with my family and away from stores as possible.  I'll be finishing my shopping tomorrow.

Wednesday is our Awana Happy Birthday Jesus party.  The children have so much fun!  I have to remember to buy Capri Suns for the event.  We won't be having Awana for 2 weeks after that so I'll be missing my girls tremendously, but we'll all be having a wonderful time celebrating our Savior's birth.

It's a busy week ahead, and that's okay by me.  I hope y'all have an enjoyable Monday and a blessed week.

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