Saturday, December 22, 2012

Observing My Senses

For Today, December 22, 2012...

I am seeing...lots of bright sunshine, and the lovely flowers I received from a friend who will be moving to Sweden this week.  We had a party for the couple on Thursday and she gave me the bouquet as a thank you.

I am feeling...the cool air coming in through the windows.  I awoke to 46 degrees!  It's now 48 degrees which is frigid weather in South Florida, perfect for this time of year.

I am Snoopy clock ticking.  The one I got for my birthday that plays Christmas carols every hour on the hour.  I love this clock so much!

I am tasting...oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon.  Something about cold mornings that make you wanna eat a nice hot breakfast.

I am smelling...the fumes from the oven.  Yuck!  It's a self-cleaning oven, which means the only time it can be put on cleaning mode is when it's cool enough to open all the windows.  Today is the day, but oh, that oven was dirty with all the baking that goes on in December!  I'm thankful I'm getting this done though, and the smells will be gone shortly.

It just takes a moment to observe your surroundings.  Won't you join me?


Annmarie Pipa said...

and when I do take that moment, i am amazed every time at how much I have been missing...
Merry Christmas!

Barb said...

Hi Arlene!

What a beautiful bouquet - what a wonderful friend!

We are finally getting some snow outside - I've been, "dreaming of a white Christmas", and it's finally here! We are at about 30 degrees outside!

Have a wonderful Christmas!