Friday, December 19, 2014

6 Days Till Christmas - Party Time!

Not Christmas party, birthday party.  My daughter's long awaited, long planned, long talked about, long stressed over party.  After 2 months of prepping for her quarter century celebration, the day has arrived.

I got up at my regular time, and started on breakfast.  I have my prayer and devotion time before I get out of bed, so that I start my day on the right foot.  I let my son sleep a little longer as my daughter came over to get her Christmas bark out of the fridge where it stayed setting overnight.  We had to break it apart, which lent itself to taste-testing (you wouldn't want to serve something to your guests that you hadn't tried before, right?).  I like that it's sweet and salty at the same time.  I don't like that every bite has about 1700 calories.  Why must birthdays and holidays be so fattening?

I was glad to see that my son's PE teacher had put last week's live lesson recording up, finally.  His teachers usually post them the same day, but apparently his PE teacher thought the lesson was up.  We emailed her yesterday and she posted it, so he was able to watch last week's lesson and right afterwards he participated in this week's lesson.  That really helped with getting his time in.  He still has to do his exercises today and tomorrow and record them.  He was so glad that his teacher said they could use Wii Fit for resistance exercises.  Work-outs and video games are my son's preferred combination.  He managed to do 4 hours of work today, leaving one hour to get his week's hours in. We'll be able to get that done tomorrow. 

As he did schoolwork, I did housework.  My daughter had several errands to run, so it was up to me to get the floor swept, the bathrooms cleaned up, furniture cleaned, that sort of thing.  I stopped to help E a couple of times but mostly he worked on his own while I took care of the house.  I decided there was no reason for lunch to be complicated, so I whipped up some spaghetti and shrimp.  Then back to getting the house ready for party time.

The menu is more about desserts than actual food.  Pizza was finally decided upon, along with my daughter's popular Buffalo chicken dip.  She decided to have a hot chocolate bar with whipped cream, Andes candies, candy canes, graham cracker crumbs, marshmallows, that sort of thing.  There's also gonna be cake (of course) and cookies shaped like snowflakes that her friend is baking.  If it were up to my little girl there would be a menu to rival Denny's, but I had to reign her in; we don't have the space or the time to make 100 different appetizers, meals, snacks and desserts.  I think what she has planned is enough and then some.

We got ourselves ready early. I had to take my nephew and niece to their karate class, so before I left I showered and did my makeup. I used the new Delight set I got from Bare Minerals. It's gorgeous! Since I was gonna wear a top my kids gave me that is an orange or rather melon color, the peach tones of this set were perfect. I left, got the kids to karate, and when I got home my package from Bare Escentuals was outside my front door. I'd hoped it would get there before I did my makeup, but it's okay. I still look great ;-). I'll be taking pictures and posting what I got in this shipment, probably over the weekend. 

I'm gonna be leaving in a few minutes to pick up the pizzas. I know I won't have any time to post later on, so I'll say goodnight now.  Have a great Friday night y'all. Details of the party will be posted tomorrow Lord willing, so stay tuned!

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